The Most Clever And Funny Faculty Photos You’ve Ever Seen

Who says faculty can’t have fun? They were kids and teenagers at some point in their lives, too, even if it was decades ago. Some happen to channel their youth better than others, and we’re here for it. These educators took some yearbook photos that their colleagues and students may never forget. For example, who brings an iguana to a school photoshoot? We have the answer to that, just continue reading and try not to hurt your abs from laughing too hard. These are the most clever and funniest faculty pictures.

Very Important Call


When it’s time for school yearbook photos, there better be no monkey business. This is a very important moment that will be how others remember you when they go through the pictures. It isn’t a time for jokes.

Unless, of course, someone happens to call you on your banana phone. If that’s the case, all bets are off. Answer it and find out what they need, as this high school science teacher did. We’re sure it was a very important call.