These Amazing Kids Saved Their Parents’ Lives

Parents are supposed to be protectors of their children. However, every so often the roles are reversed. There are some absolutely amazing kids in our world who stepped up to the plate when their parents or other people needed help in emergency situations, showing bravery and composure beyond their young years. Check out this amazing list of children who have saved the lives of their parents as well as complete strangers! You’ll never believe how a three year old was able to call 9-1-1 and save his dad’s life.

I Owe Him My Life

Photo Credit: Mikhail TereshchenkoTASSGetty Images
Photo Credit: Mikhail TereshchenkoTASSGetty Images

Juan Zuniga is one amazing four-year-old. Juan’s pregnant mom, Leticia, is diabetic and one day she had a scary medical episode. Her blood sugar suddenly dropped, however, she had prepared Juan in case of emergency. He immediately knew what to do.

Juan checked her blood sugar and gave her food until she gained enough to give him further instructions. Juan then helped his mom call 911. Unfortunately, she went into a diabetic coma, which can be life-threatening, but due to her little boy’s quick actions she was able to recover. Leticia told FOX 8 in Cleveland, “To me, I owe him my life. I gave him life and now I owe him my life.”