These Anti-Social Commuters Caught On Camera Are HILARIOUS

Public transportation sometimes acts as a form of entertainment. That’s mainly because you never know what type of people are going on the ride with you. For the most part, it’s the anti-social commuters that really make you laugh out loud. They don’t care who’s around them, they’re just there for the ride out of necessity. That means if one of them happens to be cutting onions on the train, you just have to deal with it. That’s not even the funniest or worst offender, though. Read through and see these hilarious images caught on public transportation.

The Cat Shows Its Head

Sometimes traveling with a friend can make things less agonizing. And it doesn’t even have to be a human friend. You can bring your cat along too if you wish and shove the cat into your coat. When the cat needs air, just open up a slit so it can stick its head out.

What was just described is what you’re witnessing in this photo. This lady didn’t have time for any pictures as you can tell by her face, but she had to let her cat get some air. Ant-social level over 9000 here.

Important Deadline To Reach

When the boss says an assignment is a priority and needs to be finished at a particular time, there are no bounds to how far an employee will go. This guy takes the cake, however. By bringing this laptop stabilizing device on the bus or train, you know he wasn’t in the mood to socialize with anyone.

His mind was strictly set on that laptop and whatever task he had to finish. Walking onto the train and seeing this might make you a little confused at first, but that confusion might quickly turn into laughter.

Someone Needs A Nap

It appears as if someone needed some extra sleep. Whether or not that’s the best position to sleep in is beyond us, but it doesn’t seem to bother this Ronald Weasley look-alike. We don’t think anyone would willingly hang in the air like that if they didn’t want to.

This is a new level of anti-social. This passenger really does not care who sees him in his vulnerable state. There’s no telling what would happen if he fell, either.

Just Bring The Whole Couch

This passenger appears to be sick and tired of sitting on the hard seating this public transportation provides. It’s actually more likely that she just decided to bring the couch that she just purchased right onto the subway and is enjoying the comfort of a cushiony ride.

The way it’s set up as if it’s blocking out access for others to walk that way has anti-social written all over it. In theory, this isn’t a bad idea. But maybe she should share the love.

A Pikachu Needs To Get Around Too

It’s not every day you see a Pikachu, unless you’re playingPokémon GO! Let’s rephrase that, it’s not often you see a life-size Pikachu, with an arm sticking out of its mouth, using public transportation. Whereever this man needed to be, it must have been a significant commitment.

Riding around in a Pikachu suit surely indicates that you don’t have time to be bothered by anyone else. You’re on a mission and have to go defeat the next gym leader.

Can You See Him?

This person is taking anti-social to the next level. He or she went out of their way to make sure to be covered in camouflage. There’s not much stealth involved here, but you can’t see their face at least. Which means he or she won’t be talking to you anytime soon.

The lady next to this person is seemingly staring right through their head. Perhaps the camouflage is working to a certain degree. Let us know if this ever happens to you.

It’s Hammock Time

This one is similar to the lady who brought in her couch to sit on. This guy stepped it up and brought a hammock to relax on. We hope he isn’t in a hurry and doesn’t get TOO comfortable, causing him to miss his stop.

Those things are kind of hard to take down also, so he had to have been prepared to bring it down. Just walking onto the train and seeing this will cause many questions.

Off To Save The City

Nothing to see here, it’s just the leader of the Power Rangers taking public transportation because he forgot the combination to his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. The rest of the Rangers must be curious as to where their captain is and how he could be so late.

If you’ve ever seen a Power Ranger on the bus or train, we’re sure it wasn’t something you see most days. There’s no telling where this Power Ranger suited man was headed to.

This Town’s Not Big Enough For The Two Of Us

This picture ought to have comic book fans shaking their heads. It’s absolutely absurd that Dath Vader would ever be in the same universe as Batman. They’re not even on the same planet! If anything, Vader would win because he can use The Force for pretty much anything. Even though Batman knows the subways pretty well, he still doesn’t have powers.

In all seriousness, these are probably Times Square performers hashing it out for the best spots to attract tourists. Let’s just hope a battle didn’t ensue.

Don’t Bother Me, I’m Sleeping

What an invention! It’s a special hand-woven mask to look like a facehugger creature from the Alien film series. This bizarro (but funny) mask will surely protect you from any unwanted discussion. If anyone sees you wearing something like this you shouldn’t worry about them trying to talk to you.

It takes a specific type of individual to want to wear these. Your tolerance with the outside world must be running super thin to cover your face with this. Seeing it in person might be 20 times funnier too because you don’t know if they’re sleeping or staring at people.

Not So Lucky

We wonder what could possibly be making this leprechaun so upset? Is it the fact that he found the pot at the end of the rainbow but there wasn’t any gold inside? That’s probably it. In that case, we feel for this guy. He could have really used the gold to go towards his river dancing lessons.

But apparently he’s given up on his dreams and packed his bags. He’s on his way out of the city to pursue a new life. What does that entail exactly? He’ll decide when he gets there.

Well, This Is Strange

If you’ve never seen the horror film Saw, then this might not be as creepy to you. Still, we don’t know what it is this person is trying to accomplish by wearing such an interesting mask. He might not be up to any good, but the kid taking the selfie doesn’t mind.

We hope no one was harmed outside of the train after this picture was taken (referencing the Saw movie again). Whatever the case, seeing this live would elicit some laughs and some fear.

It’s Time To Be A Unicorn

Sometimes you have to let your girlfriend be a unicorn. Some days are harder than others, but dressing up like a mythical creature makes them more tolerable. And when you see this person, you can’t question it. Let it be what it is.

As you can see, she has a Red Bull in her hand, so she’s in need of a little jump. The unicorn ears are just smoke and mirrors for you not to bother her. As if the earphones in aren’t another indicator to leave her alone.

Sitting Next To A Yeti

Ladies and gentlemen, the Yeti is real. Here is all the proof you need in this one photograph. The lady sitting next to the beast looks like she’s the one who doesn’t want to be social. In fact, she seems so underwhelmed that she should be the highlight of this slide.

If you pay closer attention to the Yeti’s face, you can see the look of despair. He doesn’t want to be showing everyone that he exists, but he needed to take the train to go see his wife.

Dinner’s On Him

Completely unbothered, this gentleman is determined to have his dinner in peace. No, he doesn’t want to eat with the food on his lap. He brought a portable tray for this exact situation. This man plans for the future.

We do wonder how he manages to keep his tray safe through all the motion that takes place on the subway. By the determined look on his face, he’ll probably be finished with this meal soon. This is a reminder to never mess with a hungry man.

Stay Clear, His Shirt Is Off

Let’s take note of the various signs that point toward anti-social. One thing you notice right away is this guy’s shirt is wide open, and his belly is hanging low. Next, his arms are up and spread out across the other seats next to him. He’s got manspread going on, too.

Those details already let you know he isn’t in the mood to be in a conversation with you. The people around him already know this as you can see they are at least two seats away.

What Would You Call This?

People who are older in age tend to care less and less every day. This man looks like he’s reached his peak “not caring” form. If wearing a snow leopard tank top with red and white polka-dot shorts is a sign of how old age is going to feel, then maybe that’s something everyone aspires to be.

He has his hair in a ponytail while he enjoys that book. This guy honestly doesn’t want to be bothered now, or tomorrow. He’s probably trying to figure out what he will wear tomorrow.

A Hare Or Two

First, some lady stuffed her cat in her coat, and now this guy has two rabbits with him casually like nothing is going on. One of the rabbits looks to be scared, or maybe it just wants its own seat.

Then things get a little bit funnier once you look past the rabbits. Did you notice this man’s shirt is missing? Everything going on in this picture is questionable, but that definitely doesn’t make it less funny.

Can I Pet Him?

This girl’s favorite poem might just be “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. She must be on her way home from taking her raven out for a nice walk, or in the raven’s case, a flight.

She may be a goth who doesn’t care about society or what they think, but she still conforms to their rules! She has the raven on a blue leash, as all pets must be on a leash when using public transportation. At least the raven is acting pretty well-behaved.

Another Day, A New Hope

We imagine that this guy dresses up as an American Revolutionary to win Hamilton tickets for free. They often do that in New York City on Broadway before the start of most shows. Unfortunately, his name has yet to be called in the drawing.


Well, he can always return and try again. But it looks like he is pretty spent in doing so. Hopefully he does win those tickets and he gets to have his hat signed by Lin Manuel Miranda. Just look at his dedication!

Too Much Traffic

This guys looks like he drove his Smart Car straight onto the subway. If there was traffic on the streets above, then we can’t really blame him. As long as he is not causing any trouble for anyone, which he doesn’t seem to be.

He’s simply minding his own business and he’s actually lucky because he has climate control and his own music. Thankfully, there’s still appears to be plenty of room for any future passengers that may enter this subway car. Let’s just hope they weren’t too surprised by this sight.

Getting A Little Too Comfortable

There’s nothing wrong with a little PDA, no matter what anyone tells you. Who cares if you hold hands or give your significant other a kiss in public? You want to provide them with your affection and shouldn’t be laughed at or judged.

However, these two have surpassed PDA. This is full throttle love on a bus. And the fact that he’s in a chair makes it all the more interesting. This is just as awkward as it’s funny. And it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

A Little Midriff Never Hurt

This lady has her belly out for everybody else on the ride to enjoy. No, we aren’t saying there is a problem with this scene. If she wishes to showcase her body in such a manner, then so be it. We just think some other people might get a laugh out of it.

Also, it looks like something is going on with her upper lady part. It seems like it’s caught in an awkward position, but that’s not stopping her at all. She just needs to get to her destination. Move along, folks.

What A Loss

This woman was about to enjoy a fabulous pizza dinner at her home. Unfortunately, she fell asleep on the subway and let the pizza fall out of her grip and out of the box. What a loss! We are cringing for pizza lovers everywhere.

Hopefully she woke up before the pizza actually touched the subway floor, because at this point it does look salvageable. It’s too bad. She must have been partying way too hard to make through the end of the night.

Just Five More Minutes!

This guy couldn’t stay away from his Xbox long enough to take a ride on the subway. He decided to just take the game with him so that he doesn’t have to suffer any lost time that he could have been playing his game.

We can’t say we entirely blame him. Some people’s subway commutes take way longer than they need to. If anything, this guy is a genius because he found something to do to pass the time. We wonder if he let anyone else have a turn?

Taking The Paper On Board

We’re hoping that this guy brought a person made of paper onto the train as a part of an art project. But the way he appears to be talking to it convinces us otherwise. Ultimately, this makes us a little sad that this guy felt so lonely he decided to make his own friends and take them out in public.

At the same time, we respect him because he’s truly just doing him. Maybe he is just tired of the human race and would rather talk to paper.

The Head Of Lettuce

This woman might be onto something when it comes to biodegradable and sustainable fashion. She is wearing what appears to be a leaf of lettuce on her head. It may be a fashion statement, or perhaps this woman is aware of some unknown health ritual regarding lettuce and how it helps hair growth.

Who knows, really? Either way, no one is saying anything to her so that probably means she is working it. We just hope she invested in a new leaf when that one started rotting.

When Personal Space Is Important

This girl apparently knows how crazy and crowded the subway can get sometimes. That’s probably why she ensured her personal space by putting on an actual personal bubble, so that no one would come close to her. It’s pretty genius if you ask us.

This device is actually called a Hoberman sphere and it can retract into a much smaller object for easy carrying. We wouldn’t be surprised if she got one for the sole purpose of having her own space. When she’s done she can just retract it and put it in her purse.

Some Light Reading

There might not be anything strange about this photo, until you notice what this guy is reading. Whether he’s seriously reading it or doing so for laughs, he certainly won’t meet anyone on the subway reading a book like that so publicly.

Any woman who notices the title of that book will take one glance and try to get as far away from this man as possible. They don’t want to be the one he tries his newfound skills on. Hopefully this guy didn’t scare anyone away because you don’t judge a book by its cover!

Don’t Mind Me

We can only imagine where this guy is headed off to. He dressed as a zebra centaur for whatever crazy party he was ostensibly invited to. If there was a costume contest, he should just win based on the amount of effort that went into this costume – not to mention the shamelessness it must have taken to walk around in public like that.

He appears to be having a tough time getting through the turnstiles though. He also probably felt bad for taking so much space. But look at him! He’s even on stilts!

No Plague For Us, Thank You Very Much

The look on this man’s face says it all. We’d have the same reaction if we saw a bunch of people dressed up as plague doctors on the subway. What are they even trying to fend themselves off from? The plague has been gone for centuries.

This is a little extra. More so than the average person who decides to wear a surgical mask just so they don’t breathe the same air as everyone else. Plague doctors wore those long beaks to protect themselves – from germs, but not from strange looks.

Whatever Works

Anyone who rides public transportation often knows how packed it can get. Sometimes, when you squeeze on, there’s no where left for you to hold onto so that you can steady yourself as the car moves.

This girl found a way around that issue by getting a plunger and taking matters into her own hands. Whatever works, we suppose. She can even take that with her so that she’ll always have her own personal pole to hold onto on the subway.

Keep Your Head Up

Honestly, we can relate to this woman on so many levels. After a long day, the only thing you want to do is go home and crawl into bed. But it sucks when you have to use public transportation to get home. Depending on how far away you live, that could take up a whole other chunk of your day!

This woman probably just couldn’t stay awake any longer and dozed off. She might even be comfortable int hat position because if we fell into that position, we’d wake up instantly.

Just Don’t Call Her A Butterface

Have you ever heard someone get called a “butterface?” As in, “Wow, that girl dresses really nice… but her face.” All jokes aside, this woman is going to extreme lengths to make sure that she doesn’t get insulted in such a way.

She must be a makeup pro because she is putting on her face with a butter knife. We wonder how effective it is? Hopefully she was satisfied with her complete look, but she should know she doesn’t need makeup to feel beautiful.

The Knit Wit Knows Best

Honestly, what else can you say about this guy other than the fact that he has some mad knitting skills? We dare you to think of one person in your life who has knit or crocheted a whole outfit and wore it out in public for the world to see. We’re sure your grandma wouldn’t even be so bold.

This guy has a passion and he’s certainly talented at it. You can’t bash on a guy and his hobby, especially if it’s something as wholesome as knitting. Keep doing you, dude.

New Yorkers Are Unfazed

It’s probably just another Tuesday in New York when you read that “Subway Maniac Incidents Soar.” Really, what else is new? That’s why when the guy in the red pants literally defied gravity and rode the subway upside down, no one even cared enough to look.

At this point, what haven’t New Yorkers seen on the subway? It would take a lot to surprise them. So a daunting newspaper headline and a guy bending the laws of gravity are just not going to cut it.

Do You Have The Time?

Who do you think this lady is getting her style inspiration from? Flava Fav or the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? Either way, she’s giving off some major time-telling vibes with this purse that also looks like a huge necklace.

We’re leaning towards the idea that it’s a purse, but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that that is an actual functioning clock as well. At least this woman will always know what time it is. Hopefully she’s never late to anything.