These Clumsy Animals Did It All To Themselves

Animals are funny creatures. One second their gracefully running through your house ready to play, and the next their stuck in the blinds or between the couch cushions. A great person once said, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” but we’re guessing he wasn’t talking about animals. The adorable cats, dogs, and other animals you’re about to see found their way into their own trouble. They weren’t planning to be this clumsy, it just… kinda happened.

A Loop The Never Ends

a clumsy corgie stuck in a hoop
Alina H/Pinterest
Alina H/Pinterest

This good boi was just trying to bring the ring toy back to its owner when the worst-case scenario happened. He took one false step, then two, and now he’s just not sure what to do with his life anymore.

The good news is this clumsy pup is so cute in his predicament that we just want to help him out. We’re sure as soon as his owner took this pic that’s exactly what happened, too!