These Dogs Dressed As Turkeys Are What You Need To See Today

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of the year. The family gets together, the house gets decorated, and everyone can enjoy some delicious food. While all that already sounds sensational, one mustn’t forget about the pets. It’s your chance to get them into the festive spirit, so why not dress your dog up like a turkey? If that hasn’t crossed your mind until now, you’ll want to do it every year after seeing these precious pooches. Go through these photos and try not to smile. We dare you.

The Turkey Hat Steals The Show

turkey dog

This cool dog needs to be a model pooch. He or she sports this outfit like a professional and even gave the camera person a look-away pose. Let’s please pay attention to the details here as well.

The scarf has rakes on it so that’s a huge fall vibe. The main event of this entire look is the head accessory. There’s a turkey sitting on top of this dog’s head and we can’t get enough!