Hippo Casually Found Wandering Around A Gas Station

hippo wanders through gas station
OK Express/Facebook
OK Express/Facebook

In late February, a gas station attendant in South Africa was caught by surprise when a hippo decided to casually wander through. The wild animal quickly caught the attention of those in the area before heading off to return to its natural habitat.

The OK Express uploaded the video to their Facebook page for the entertainment of the masses. The convenient store also made sure to let readers know the hippo, other than being a hippo at a gas station, didn’t cause a scene and wasn’t harmed, “The hippo returned back to the lake after grazing around town.”

Oddly enough, this casual encounter with one of the world’s most dangerous animals is not that uncommon in this South African town. When interviewed, the person who took the video revealed that hippos will wander the town looking for grass to eat. It turns out that the game Hungry Hungry Hippos is more of a reality here!

The town, St Lucia, is surrounded by a large and extensive natural habitat for hippos including a lake, proving that co-habitation is possible, if not improbable.