Priceless Photos Of Pets Realizing That They’re Going To The Vet

Animals enjoy going to the vet just about as much as humans enjoy going to the dentist. Which means not at all. It’s just an unavoidable aspect of life that always manages to sneak up on you. Here are some ridiculous pictures that show the moment when animals realize that they’re on their way to the vet. Some are funny while others make you happy that you don’t have to go to the vet like your pets do!

Hold Me

This dog has no shame when it comes to going to the vet. She doesn’t care how big she is, she just wants love and compassion from her owner while anxiously waiting in the vet waiting room. Although the size of this dog may make her seem intimidating anywhere else, she turns into a big baby upon entering the vet.

Something tells us that she wasn’t the only dog sitting scared on its owner’s lap. One big room filled with big dogs sitting on their owner’s laps recoiling in fear for what’s about to happen to them.

Don’t Move A Muscle

By the looks of it, this cat has passed the point of no return and is now inside of the vet’s office. Now, there’s nothing left for her to do except attempt to hide in any way possible.

This is a rather impressive attempt, with the cat having some sense of self-awareness knowing that her fur is nicely camouflaged with the cotton balls and the walls around it. So close, yet so far. It’s only a matter of time until the vet pulls this cat out of her hiding spot and gets to work on it. A+ for effort though.

You Lied To Me

This is the face of a dog that realized they were tricked into going to the vet. His owner probably coaxed him into the car with treats and toys only to drive him here. It’s clear that this dog knows what the linoleum tiles and people in medical garments can mean one thing and one thing only: the vet.

The look on this dog’s face shows the sting of betrayal and now distrust towards his owners. He also has never been more disappointed in his life and will never get into a car again.

We’re Going Where?

This dog just realized that they drove past the dog park and are going somewhere far less fun. This picture is a testimony that dogs are very self-aware and can convey their emotions very clearly to people.

This dog is in shock and is horrified at the thought about what is going to happen next. We wonder how long he was looking at the driver like this? Probably not long enough for them to end up not going to the vet. In his eyes, they may as well be going to the graveyard than the vet. It’s basically the same thing, right?

Nowhere To Run Or Hide

This feline has come to the end of the line. It’s all over. She’s in the actual vet’s office now with nowhere to run or hide. However, she’s not going to give up and accept her fate—she’s going to fight and hide as long as there is air in her lungs.

Although we all know that her struggle is futile, we can imagine that this cat managed to fit into the drawer and close it, evading the vet altogether, but we all know how this story ends. Better luck next time, kitty.

Not Going Willingly

Going to the vet seems like a bigger issue for the owner than this dog. That’s a big dog to have to throw over your shoulder. It’s probably either this or dragging him across the floor with its leash which can’t be easy either.

That dog is almost as big as its owner, and he’s not going to make going to the vet easy on anyone else except for himself. All he has to do is transform into a fuzzy ball of dead weight that has to be carried in and out of the vet’s office in order to prove his point.

How Could You?

This dog probably isn’t thinking the nicest things about her owner at this moment. She looks completely betrayed and would probably say, “Are you kidding me?” if she could talk.

From the looks of it, you don’t want to be on the bad side of this dog, because she looks like a dog that could have a real attitude. We can’t tell if this dog is scared, mad, or disappointed, but we do know that this dog is not happy to be going to the vet. She better get a treat afterward!

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Cats are generally known to be clean and graceful creatures. So, it is usually rare to see a housecat inside of a trashcan like some kind of raccoon. This cat had to put aside his pride and instincts in order to seek refuge while at the vet.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this cat had to suck it up and get into the trash rather than be subjected to the tests of the vet. This is one of the better hiding spots we’ve seen yet because you generally wouldn’t check the trash for your cat.

Its Life Was Flashing Before Its Eyes

This is the exact moment when this little dog realized where they were going. You can see the anxiety and fear in her eyes, and you almost feel bad for her. It looks like she’s re-evaluating her entire existence and is desperately thinking how she can get out of the situation she is in.

We wonder what makes the vet so bad for these pets that the thought of even going makes them look like they’ve seen a ghost. We hope that everything worked out for this little girl and her experience at the vet wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

Disapproving Pup

This big dog doesn’t even look scared, just mad at his owners for tricking him into going to the vet. We’re sure that this dog stared at his owner like this the whole way there and the whole way home.

No amount of dog bones could remedy the wrongdoing that this dog’s owner did to him. Maybe a trip to the beach or the park can help to win back this dog’s favor, but we’re not sure, he looks pretty mad about everything. At least they gave him shotgun on the way to the vet!

Oh, No. This Is It

This is the look of a dog that just realized that it was on the way to the vet. Wide-eyed and silent, he looks like he’s trying to accept his fate before he has a heart attack. He should make his peace with himself now because they probably aren’t that far away!

We don’t think we have ever seen such concern on a dog’s face, it almost looks like a cartoon! Certainly, his trip to the vet didn’t go as bad as he expected it would. Hang in there doggo!

How Dare You?

Clearly, this dog has seen better days. This is the look of disgust as this dog learns what’s on the agenda for the day. Knowing that he doesn’t have much control over what happens, he has no choice but to make it known to its owner that he disapproves of everything that’s going on.

This dog looks like a mother that just saw their child’s report card that was less than underwhelming. If we were his owner, we wouldn’t put our fingers anywhere near that dog’s mouth, because it does not look happy.

I Trusted You…

This dog looks like she just underwent the entire vet experience and is giving her owner this look on their way home. There isn’t fear or suspense in her eyes, just plain, old defeat. This dog was betrayed by her owner and found herself at the vet against its will.

All of the time they have spent together and they trust they built all just went out of the window the second they arrived at the the vet’s office. “Not cool man, not cool” is probably what this dog is thinking as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Two For One

here we have no one, but two skeptical felines awaiting their fate at the vet. This pair has had a rough day no doubt. First, they had to be squeezed into their cat carriers. Then, they had to take a dreaded ride in their owner’s vehicle not knowing where they were going.

Then, to top it all off, their owner had the audacity to bring them to the cold, cold vet’s office. How dare they?! We have to give it to these cute cats for sticking together in their attempt to hide. If only they could use their paws to close the cabinets doors and maybe, just maybe, they’d win this game of hide and seek!

They Can’t See Me, They Can’t See Me

You keep thinking that, furry friend. Unfortunately, we hate to break it to you, but we can see you. Although we have to me, you are doing a great job at blending in with your surroundings.

Between your teeny, tiny stature, and your muted fur tone, we almost couldn’t see you there for a minute! Unfortunately, we know it’s only a matter of time before the jig is up and the vet will enter the room to do their job. We know this is tough for any cat to hear, but just know, this is for your own good.

Mom, I Don’t Wanna Go!

This little guy’s mom sure is supportive. Just look at her, helping shield this pup from anyone’s view…well sort of. We hate to break it to you little guy, but you’re not a puppy anymore, and your mom is going to need a bigger sweater if you’re going to successfully hide your entire body.

We know you dread going to the vet pup, but it’s for the best! You need those shots to stay healthy so you can keep chasing squirrels outside in the yard. We see some dog treats in your future!

Not This Time

It seems as though cats are masters of attempting to hide while at the vet’s office. This cat found sanctuary inside of the sink, and we’re sure he’s not the first cat to have the same idea. Surrounded by medical and cleaning supplies, this scared cat is peaking his head out to check for any oncoming danger.

At that moment, his owner was able to snap a picture of this terrified cat for their own pleasure. While this cat is in the middle of a traumatic experience, we find their suffering to be humorous.

Don’t Let Them Take Me

This dog had to be physically carried to the vet, and it looks like it’s going to be a difficult endeavor to get him to let go. He looks very concerned about his own well-being and the only thing giving him any kind of comfort is by holding onto its owner for dear life.

Poor guy, you can really feel his distress just by looking at this picture. We’re sure it must have been quite a sight to see something like this walk in through the front door. It’s going to be okay!

Sink Sanctuary

What is it with cats and sinks?! Sinks seem to be treated like sanctuaries for scaredy cats visiting the vet. Whatever the case, we have to give all of these clever felines who didn’t give up during their mission to evade the evil vet. Unfortunately, this cat isn’t doing much to hide her entire body.

Her curiosity is getting the best of her and she is rearing her cute little kitten head for all of the world to see. It doesn’t help that her black and brown fur is a stark contrast to that of the white sink either. Oh well, at least you gave it a shot, feline!

Not A Happy Cat

This cat is much like the previous one and is trying to do anything to avoid being discovered at the vet’s office. This cat wasn’t quite as lucky to find an open drawer, but instead, is putting his head under anything that will provide it with some shelter. The look on his face is complete and utter despair, knowing that his fate is essentially sealed at this point.

There’s not much else left to do but wait and show his disapproval of having been subjected to such torment. This cat surely did something to spite his owner once they eventually got home.

Oh No, It’s That Time Of The Year Again

This dog clearly just received the bad news that his vet appointment is today. Upon receiving such information, there’s not much for this dog to do except feel sorry for himself and mope around the house until the dreaded hour arrives.

This dog really wanted to show his abhorrence to the vet by using a blanket to cover his face in dismay. This isn’t something you see every day from a dog, but it shows how even the thought of the vet makes a dog want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I’ll Do Anything If We Just Go Home!

It’s easy to see by the look on this distressed dog’s face that he just realized his owner is not taking him to the park as he promised. Rather, his deceitful owner is taking him to the vet for a certain snip-snip-snip procedure.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this corgi’s cute face is any match for those strong metal bars holding him back from escaping. Try as he might, it’s just not going to happen for this little dude. Don’t worry though, corgi, lots of dogs have this same procedure done each year. It’ll be over before you know it! Then you’ll be lucky enough to wear the cone of shame for a week.

Is This About The Shoes?

If this adorable dog could talk, we think he’d have a lot to say to his owner. For starts, is this about those shoes you loved? Look, I didn’t mean to. I apologized over and over again! What, you didn’t like when I licked for face and slobbered all over your work shirt? That was my way of showing you I care!

Look, please, I promise I’ll be better. No more eating shoes. No more eating your food off your plate (you really shouldn’t leave it where I can reach though), no more pooping inside. I promise! Just take me home!

Can’t We Just Cuddle?

This little cutie may just be a puppy, but she’s still smart enough to know where she is. She also knows that she is not going to like what’s going to come next. Honestly, this a tough photo to look at because her adorably sad eyes are almost too much for us to handle.

If we were her owner, it sure would be hard to bring her to the vet knowing how scared she would be. We hope she knows that this is simply something all puppies have to go through. Just a few minutes of being uncomfortable and it will all be over!

Don’t Move Any Closer

Ah, yes, yet another feline who has sought shelter in the cold, stainless silver sink at the vet’s office. But unlike the other cats who were cowering in fear, the cat looks like he means business.

He’s got his ear down and his bright green eyes locked on his target. Just one look at him and you know you are to proceed with caution if you step any closer. For the sake of this ca’s owner and the vet, we hope this furry friend lightened up…or at least didn’t bring out his sharp claws!

Stay Back Human!

this cat might be small, but they are mighty! And they want you to know that if you come a single step closer they are not afraid to fight. To be fair, we’ve seen cats pull some crazy antics so don’t underestimate this little cutie’s small stature.

Judging by the looks of it, this cat has had her fair share of trips to the vet and knows that she is not about to have a pleasant visit, so she isn’t taking any chances. While she knows that resistance is futile, that doesn’t mean she won’t take pleasure in making it a hard day at the office for this vet and their team!

Puppy Eyes

This is a full-grown German Shepard that was attempting to use their puppy eyes in order to avoid seeing the vet. Normally, this tactic would probably work in any situation, but it looks like he’s already on the cold metal table, so it’s game over.

He seems to be looking to his owner for some kind of help, but instead of helping, the owner thought to take a picture of the dog’s misfortune. We’re sure that this is for your own good and they’ll be a big tasty bone waiting for you at the end.

On The Lookout

To say this skeptical feline has her guard up is an understatement. She clearly thinks that by positioning her small cat body in the vet’s dink, no one will be able to see her. Unfortunately, while her huge eyes may help her stay on the lookout, those perky ears are a dead giveaway that something is in the sink that shouldn’t be!

We feel for you feline friend, but honestly, you’re already in the vet’s office. You have met your fate so it’s best to just accept it. It’ll all be over soon. Plus, we’re sure there’s some catnip in your future!

This Isn’t PetSmart…

This dog looks seriously bummed out. Maybe this is his first time to the vet and didn’t know what he was getting himself into. It looks like the worst is over, and now he’s sitting on that cold, metal table feeling embarrassed and violated after being poked and prodded by the veterinarians.

It was at this moment he decided that he was never going to come back to this place willingly. Little does he know that he will be back eventually, it’s just going to have to be wearier whenever he gets into a car from now on.

I’ll Come Out For 500 More Treats

Ah, yes, the trick treat. Why do humans think they can coerce me out from under this glorious wooden bench with a treat? Do you think I’m really that easy to take advantage of?

I know what your true intentions are! You can’t fool me! I know that as soon as I inch closer to you for a bite of that treat you will grab me and take me to that dreaded room with the ice cold table. Ok, ok, I’ll take the dang treat. Oh, that treat is actually really good. Do you have any more? I’ll come out for 500 more? Thank you.

How Did This Happen?

We can picture what this pair of pup’s morning looked like. They woke up bright and early and eager to take on the day. Things only got better when their mom asked them if they wanted to go to the park to play.

With fast-wagging tails, they were quick to hop in the car. Little did they know that it wasn’t the park they were headed to, but the dreaded bet’s office. Making any attempt they could to avoid the visit, they dove behind mom’s chair, but unfortunately, there isn’t quite room for both of them.

Stay Back!

This kitten is just a few weeks old, but it’s clear that she is ready to take on the world and stop anyone that tries to get in her way…she just has to escape the vet’s office first.

We have to give it to this sassy feline for sticking up for herself. Many of the other cats on this list are quick to hid in cabinets and in the sink, but not this litte gal! She is ferocious (even though she weighs like four pounds) and she will take you down!

They Definitely Can’t See Me

Sure, that last kitten may have been brave, but we think that might just be because she is young and naive and does not yet understand how the world works. This cat, on the other hand, is an experienced adult.

She’s been through a few of her nine lives already and she knows there is no good in sticking up for yourself. The importance of a thoughtful strategy is what really counts when you’re a cat at the vet. Unfortunately, while her hiding spot is pretty creative, we hate to break it to her that we can see her.

I Promise I’ll Go On That Diet If We Just Go Home!

We can only imagine what this cat’s life is truly like. We like to think that his owner told him time and time again he needed to lose weight to be healthier. But rather than listen, this feline continued to sneak into the bag of cat food under the sink while also sleeping roughly 18 hours a day.

But now that the time has come for his owner to get him professional help at the vet, this feline suddenly seems to have changed his tune. Actions speak louder than words, cat friend!

Really, Brenda?

The look on this corgi’s face is sheer betrayal. Not only did his owner make him put this ridiculous Christmas scarf on (it’s so last season), but the vet now too? Seriously, mom. I can’t believe you have done this to me.

We have to admit that we love this dog’s attitude. He didn’t try to hide or immediately cower in the corner. Instead, he is accepting his fate, but making sure his owner feels downright guilty for all that she has done to him on this treacherous day.

How Did You Find Me?

This little pup just breaks our hearts! The look of sadness on his face! Those sweet, sweet puppy eyes. And those little paws! Gah, we can’t take it and we are so upset that anyone has ever made him feel less than 100 percent.


This little guy clearly hasn’t been to the vet before, being a fresh puppy and all. He is obviously scared and making a feeble attempt to hide under a chair. We just hope his visit to the vet was short and he was rewarded with lots of delicious treats after.

Will You Hold My Hand?

We love this picture because it reminds us just how much our canine companions cherish us as owners. The dog is no-nonsense. He knows he has to go to the vet and he knows it is for his own good.


But he also isn’t afraid to show that he’s scared and wants a little comfort from his human. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being scared, especially at a scary place like the vet so we feel for him. We could all use a paw to hold sometime.

We’re At The Vet?!??!

The look on this cat’s face is the look of pure surprise. We can only imagine what emotion was to follow. What is fear? What it anger? What is sadness? That’s to be continued. But one thing’s for sure.

This feline definitely didn’t think he was going to the vet when he woke up this morning. But alas, he’s here and is in the hands of his owner with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Honestly, it’s best if he just accepts his fate now. It’ll all be over soon, bud!

You’re A Liar

The little French Bulldog may be small in size, but he sure has a big attitude. And we can’t blame him. After all, we would be pretty heated if someone told us they were taking us to the park and then took us to the vet instead.


Unlike some animals, this pup hasn’t even made it to the vet’s office but he has already caught on to where his owner is taking him. He seems pretty smart, so who knows…maybe he will devise an effective escape plan before he is stuck in the icy cold vet’s office!

They Can’t See Me Under Here

Here we have a dog that is pretending to be a cat like the ones that we have previously seen trying to hide in the vet’s office. However, the major problem here is that this is a relatively big dog, so he’s going to have a hard time finding a good hiding place.

You can tell just how scared this dog is by looking at his tail that is tucked away between his legs. We feel for you, dog, and we promise it’s all going to be okay. The vet isn’t as bad as you think.

Ineffective Camouflage

This poor pup apparently does not realize that the standard green and brown camouflage used by hunters in the woods is not a universal “cloak of invisibility.” After learning that he’s going to the vet, he buried himself under a camo blanket and probably thinks he’s completely invisible to everyone around him. Unfortunately, the camo doesn’t really blend in with the red plaid dog bed or hardwood floors, though.

And it doesn’t help that the dog left his entire butt hanging out of the blanket, either. We’re going to guess that his owners quickly discovered him in his “hiding” spot and took him in for his vet appointment.

Total Disgust

You can tell by this dog’s expression that he was probably lied to by his owners. They probably told him that they were headed to the park or to visit one of his doggie buddies.

But as the car started to make its familiar path to the vet, the realization of what was actually happened set in, and a feeling of pure disgust set in. Granted, he might not look quite so upset without that one blue eye, but he is obviously not a happy camper either way. Hey, at least this dog gets to ride in the front seat though! That’s some consolation, right?

Nothing To See Here… Move Along

Hey, this is not too bad when you compare it to the other hiding spots featured in our list. There’s a small black and white dog who dipped in under the waiting room table. Luckily for the dog, that table is covered with a bunch of items that humans find distracting.


For example, someone who is interested in learning how to flatter their “bust, butt, hips, arms and more” might just sit down and pick up that copy of InStyle magazine, completely forgetting why they are at the vet in the first place. Hey, weirder things have happened. Good luck to you, dog.

A Look Of Sheer Terror

Here, we see a look of absolute horror in a cat’s eyes. She is so terrified that her unusual bright blue eyes are opened to the size of large marbles, giving her the look of someone who has just escaped from an insane asylum.


To make matters worse, the nurse who is holding her is blatantly making fun of her look of terror, with her own eyes opened as wide as she can possibly get them. Hopefully all this horror was all for nothing and the cat had a pleasant and routine vet checkup.

Is This Goodbye Forever?

This photo is so sweet. It shows two dogs, one in a car and one out of it. The dogs both seem to have a keen awareness of their immediate future. The pup in the car looks resigned to the fact that she’s heading off to the vet.

And her friend, who’s hanging onto the car window for dear life, appears to be deeply concerned about his buddy’s trip. It truly looks like they might be saying farewell to each other for the last time. Let’s hope that’s not the case! These dogs are too cute together!

Another Hiding Spot

It seems that pets will try to hide anywhere they possibly can while they’re at the vet. Cats are definitely better at it than dogs, as this pooch demonstrates. Perhaps his line of thinking was “the desk is brownish and I’m brownish… maybe they won’t notice me down here.”

But it’s more likely that there wasn’t really much thinking going on at all and the dog just high-tailed it for the closest corner to cower in until the vet showed up and dragged him out to face his examination like the brave boy he is.

I WILL Go Psycho On You

This cat looks like she’s capable of inflicting some pretty major harm on anyone who crosses her path. And the woman driving the car is directly in her target. We’re betting that this car ride started out innocently enough, with the cat believing they were just heading to visit a friend or maybe pick up some catnip at Petsmart together.

But then the truth came out, and when kitty learned she was actually being taken to the vet she turned into the raging psycho you see in this photo. Perhaps a crate or a muzzle would come in handy here?

Get As Low As You Can

We’re guessing that this dog would be wedged all the way under the car seat if she could fit down there. All she could do to hide is crawl down onto the floor under the dashboard. She seems to be giving her owner a look of “please don’t take me to the vet… I promise to do everything you ask if you just don’t take me in.”

Also, this dog is pretty unusual with her human-looking eyes. Don’t you agree? It might be hard to say “no” to an animal with such human qualities.

Way Past The Point Of No Return

This cat is clearly aware that she’s going to the vet… in fact, it appears that she had such a major freakout upon arrival at the doctor’s office that they had to restrain her. Although this is certainly unpleasant for the cat, it’s a pretty amusing photo for those of us who are not suffering through the vet visit.

The sight of such a small and seemingly harmless kitty being bundled up like that seems kind of hilarious, especially to people who have never experienced the wrath of a mad cat’s claws.

I’m Going To Need Some Prozac

This dog appears to be suffering through some major depression at the thought of going to the vet. The look on his face is deeply troubling. It almost looks like he’s just heard that his best friend has died or some other terrible news… something worse than just going to the doctor.


Perhaps while they’re at the vet, the dog’s owner can request some canine antidepressants for the next time they have an appointment. By the way, vets do occasionally prescribe antidepressants to troubled dogs. It’s rare but it does happen. We think this dog will be just fine, though, once his appointment is over.

You Wouldn’t Hurt Someone As Little As Me, Would You?

OMG, this tiny pup is killing us! This might even be its first time visiting the vet, it looks so young. But clearly, even this first gentle visit is not appealing to the pup, as it looks completely sad and miserable just to be up on that cold metal table at the doctor’s office.

But the veterinary tech seems pretty amused by her cute patient and might even be hiding a smile at the dog’s overly-dramatically sad expression. Those are the classic “sad puppy” eyes, for sure!

I’m Not Going. You Can’t Make Me.

Hey, here’s a dog with a pretty good idea. He doesn’t want to go to the vet, so he’s simply not going to walk there. He just laid down in the road and even started baring his teeth at his owner once she told him where they were heading.


And he looks to be a pretty large dog, so it would be quite difficult to carry him very far. Out of all the sad pets on our list, this one might have the best chances of actually avoiding a trip to the vet.

This Is What It Looks Like When You Crush A Dog’s Hope

If you’ve ever wondered what a dog whose hopes have been permanently crushed looks like, take a peek at this photo. On the left, we see an adorably happy-go-lucky pup with a bright future ahead of her.

Somewhere between the time that photo and the one on the right were taken, she became aware of the fact that she’s heading to visit the vet. Now on the right is a dog who is never going to be happy again (at least until she’s done at the vet and forgets all about it until the next time she has to go in).

Who Is More Upset Here?

It’s always cute to see a close bond between an animal and a human. Here, we see a heartfelt hug between a golden retriever and a girl who is presumably the dog’s human companion.

They both look like they’re gripping on to each other for dear life. We only hope this is a routine appointment that both dog and girl are feeling apprehensive about and not a true “this is goodbye” type scenario. Even regular vet visits can be stressful for everyone so they both might have just needed a little bit of reassurance.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Some of the animals on this list don’t seem to understand the concept of “hiding.” Take this cute kitty for example. It seems she thinks that by simply sitting far back in the corner of the vet’s table that she’s invisible to people.

You certainly can’t blame her for the look of concern on her face, though, as she’s clearly just gotten a shot (maybe her first ever) and still has the cotton ball on her paw to prove it. Kitty looks completely stunned that someone has just done this to her and she seems to want to get as far away from that person as possible.

One Major Part Left Exposed

This dog seems to think that he’s cleverly hidden himself under the vet’s waiting room chair. “No one will ever see me here,” he’s probably thinking. But he apparently doesn’t realize that his entire rear end is sticking out in plain view, for all the world (and vet staff) to see.

He’s yet another example of a dog who is not going to sneak his way out of a full examination today. Perhaps someone should offer an online tutorial for pets that will teach them more effective ways to hide. Bet it’d be a real hit.

No Way

After being told that she’s on her way to the vet, this dog couldn’t even keep her mouth closed. Just check out that look on her face! It’s pure disbelief, complete with slack-jawed mouth.

You might as well have just told her that a cat is now the President of the United States for how shocked she looks. She appears to be in absolute denial about her fate. We wonder if she realizes that her visit to the vet will probably only take about 30 minutes and that she’ll get a treat at the end.

Another Sad Case Of Car Shock

Apparently there is an epidemic of dogs looking shocked and horrified in the car once they realize that they’re en route to the vet’s office. Here’s yet another one. This dog looks like he just can’t go on with life any longer since he has a quick vet appointment stopping him from ever feeling happy again.

Have you ever seen anything more pathetic? He can’t even bring himself to look out the window and is staring at the floor instead. Someone give this sad dog a big hug pronto… he really needs one!

A Serious Case Of Road Rage

When you hear about cases of “road rage,” you probably aren’t picturing this scenario. But that’s exactly what is happening in this photo. Have you ever seen a dog with such an angry expression on its face?

We wonder what kind of deception was used to get this guy into the car, and how long it took for him to figure out that he was heading to the vet and not to whatever other destination he was promised. I’d probably be pretty nervous around this dog for a few days after seeing a look like this.

Now We’ve Seen It All

This dog might have found the craziest hiding spot featured in this gallery! He’s taking cover under a huge stuffed giraffe. Hiding out under a stuffed animal could possibly work… if his human companions happen to be completely blind and mistake the giraffe for the real patient.

Can you imagine the look on the vet’s face when someone brought in a stuffed animal for an appointment? I might pay to see that scenario. Unfortunately for this dog, his hiding tactic probably didn’t work out the way he thought it would. Bet he ended up at the vet after all.