This Cat Accidentally Became A God For A While, And The Internet Loved It

An amazing optical illusion took place when pet owner Amanda Hyslop took a photo of her cat looking out the window. She later posted the image to Twitter, saying: "Took a pic of the cat looking out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god."

In the remarkable image, the cat appears to be perched high up in the clouds, looking down upon the world in judgment. Amanda's post quickly went viral, eventually receiving more than a million likes.

Thousands of people chimed in about the hilarious photo.

Twitter user Bill Hamilton commented that the image served as "Proof that the earth is indeed a sphere. If God were a cat he would have already knocked everything off."

Thandie Nzimba replied: "Ain't no 'accidentally' about it, he’s just revealing his true spiritual form to you."

BintyMustard echoed many others' sentiments when writing that this was evidence of what "Cat lovers already knew, they are indeed god like creatures who should be worshiped!"

Several folks even created fan art depicting the fluffy white cat-god. The post's popularity inspired Amanda to set her feline friend up with an Instagram account with the username ClydeTheCloudCat.