Oops! These Kids Accidentally Revealed Their Parents’ Secrets With Their Hilarious Drawings

There couldn’t be a better quote than “kids say the darndest things!” In this case, kids drew the darndest things and inadvertently revealed behaviors their parents might prefer to keep away from the public eye. This list includes some of the most hilarious kids’ drawings ever!

Mom Transformation

There is really no better way to get called out than by your children who see you at your worst and your best. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that little eyes are watching you and yet they always are. This photo is one hilarious example of that. The mom’s transformation is particularly well documented.

From how mom looks when she wakes up in total disarray with wide eyes and crazy hair to her “going out look” complete with red lipstick, eyelashes and pink high heels – this kid nailed it! We think this tiny critic might have a future in comedy one day.