Oops! These Kids Accidentally Revealed Their Parents’ Secrets With Their Hilarious Drawings

There couldn’t be a better quote than “kids say the darndest things!” In this case, kids drew the darndest things and inadvertently revealed behaviors their parents might prefer to keep away from the public eye.

This list includes some of the most hilarious kids’ drawings ever!

Chubby Problems

Here we have one of those early elementary exercises where a child is learning how to compose complete sentences. While there was probably some context missing here, the kiddo filling out their homework took it upon themselves to give a creative and honest answer.

When answering the question, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” the child answered, “My dad. He is chubby. He has a problem.” Ouch, well that’s one way to address a burgeoning weight problem, although the father in this equation would have probably preferred it not be addressed to his child’s teacher and class. If you can count on little ones for anything it is definitely the brutal truth.