Pictures Of People Being Jerks That Will Drive You Up A Wall

If you’re the type of normal person who’s got a soul and likes to throw garbage in the trashcan, get ready to meet some people you’re just not going to see eye-to-eye with. They’ve never heard of concepts like garbage cans, common sense, or human decency, and it shows.

These photos of people who are pretty content to wreck everyone else’s day will give you grey hairs, high blood pressure, and make you never want to go out in public again. So, enjoy or enjoy not enjoying I guess.

The Airport Lounger Who Took Relaxation Too Far

Okay, so we’ve all had our own unwanted extended stays in airports for hours on end, but just because you’ve been somewhere for 12 hours doesn’t mean it’s your home now.

airport lounger shoes off
Photo Credit: Cyclolink / Reddit
Photo Credit: Cyclolink / Reddit

This person needs to watch Terminal with Tom Hanks and reevaluate their relaxation level.

They Brushed Their Pet Then Put It Back

This is fine behavior if you plan on purchasing the brush, otherwise, maybe don’t do this.

brush of pet hair used in store
Photo Credit: gambino13 / Reddit
Photo Credit: gambino13 / Reddit

I’m not sure who’s got the audacity to brush their cat in the store… it looks like this is a job for Ace Ventura.

Literally Just Put It Back

Who is this lazy? You can’t walk less than 50 yards to the fridge where you got it from and throw it back?

meet in a rack lots of lays chips
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

I hope this trash human enjoys their chips because I’m salty about this whole situation.

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

M&M’s? Delicious. Skittles? Phenomenal. Mixed together in the same bowl so you get a little bit of both? DISGUSTING.

mms and skittles being poured into same bowl

There is a 87% chance that this jerk is going to start World War Three with this move.

Only The Worst People Do This

You may as well recreate American Pie because nobody’s eating this thing anymore anyway.

pie with a finger in it
Photo Credit: swareddit / Reddit
Photo Credit: swareddit / Reddit

Who would desecrate a delicious pumpkin pie with their nasty fingers like this? I just want one name.

He Stole A City Bike Then Claimed It By Locking It

This man of masterful deception really pulled the wool over the city’s eyes with this one.

city pike locked to railing
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

They’re going to have no clue that this bike was ever one of theirs now that he’s got his own lock on it. What a genius.

The Roommate Who Kept His Pot In Her Bed… Among Other Things

When this guy went looking for his pot and found it in his housemate’s bed he decided that a good move would just be to let her have it.

disgusting room bed nasty filled with garb
Photo Credit: karamobrownismydad / Reddit
Photo Credit: karamobrownismydad / Reddit

She’s going to be sleeping with it for a while too by the looks of it.

Take Your Feet Out At The Ball Game

Here’s another public transportation feet exposure enthusiast.

woman sitting at a baseball game
Photo Credit: bobsyauncle1993 / Reddit
Photo Credit: bobsyauncle1993 / Reddit

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so badly as much as I want a foul ball to land right on her toe.

Sugar Them Up And Give Them Back

Just because your kid asks for something doesn’t mean you should just give it to them.

kid drinking syrup
Photo Credit: Mosdravor / Reddit
Photo Credit: Mosdravor / Reddit

Kids are still asking why cars “go,” so obviously you shouldn’t put them on the Aunt Jemima formula diet when they ask. It’s really that simple.

Oh Look, This Public Park Has Dog Bidets

If this doesn’t deter you from using a public water fountain then I don’t know what will.

girl washing dog in public water drinking fountain

This dog just took a “number two” in the grass and then go some top tier cleaning services afterwards when its owner decided to use the water fountain as a bidet. What’s this world coming to?

Vitamin Water Making Big Promises

Vitamin water is really out here immunize you against the the flu better than flu shots. Fine, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

vitamin water ad that claims it's better than flu shots
Photo Credit: emmawiiwiiwii / Reddit
Photo Credit: emmawiiwiiwii / Reddit

I dare the marketing manager who created this campaign to drink a bottle and then get 100 flu patients to cough in his face and see what happens.

This Gym-Goer Put Their Gum Here And I’m Angry

On today’s worst person ever, we have the jerk who left a piece of gum right where people normally put their hands.

treadmill user stuck their gum on handle of treadmill here
Photo Credit: ginaaweenaaa / Reddit
Photo Credit: ginaaweenaaa / Reddit

Like, we get it, you like going to the gym so much so that you forget to spit your gum out before, but that’s why there are garbages there. Or the bottoms of stuff if you want to be a milder kind of jerk.

Just A Couple Steps From The Garbage You’ll See The Entire Ground Covered In Cigarette Butts

This isn’t some multicolored mulch folks, it’s just hundreds and hundreds of cigarette butts that people have decided looked better on the ground than in the trash.

cigarette butts in front of a garbage
Photo Credit: DoatyWomble / Reddit
Photo Credit: DoatyWomble / Reddit

At least they put the razor scooter where it belongs.

Okay, No Need To Rude

You know you’re lazy when your phone is even attempting to get you back on track.

phone notification congratulating you about 0 seconds of walking

This phone is like that friend who knows you’re on the wrong path, but is too nice and non-confrontational to actually do anything about it. Either way, this phone is rude as heck.

The Makeup Counter Ashtray

First of all, was this person carrying around a bunch of nasty cigarette butts scouring the mall looking for the most obnoxious place to dump them?

ashtray in a makeup aisle
Photo Credit: getoffmyporchpls / Reddit
Photo Credit: getoffmyporchpls / Reddit

Or did they chain-smoke all these while trying to decide what shade of lipstick they were going to wear? Either way, rude.

They Probably Have To Buckle Their Trash Pile Before Driving

Pro tip: throw your garbage out. Another pro tip: the car is not the garbage can.

car full of trash
Photo Credit: galextroll / Reddit
Photo Credit: galextroll / Reddit

This person is the friend’s car that you hate getting into because of all the junk they have in the back on steroids. It’s all one big no from me.

Let Me Just Apply Gloss Over My Lipstick, Then Put It Back On the Shelf

This is seriously disgusting and the reason you should never buy opened makeup products.

revlon clear gloss put back
Photo Credit: DeputyAjayGhale / Reddit
Photo Credit: DeputyAjayGhale / Reddit

Some people forget that a store is a place to buy things, not borrow them, and I’ll say it—I think that lip color this person was wearing is ugly too.

Hope The Date Went Well

Roommates play pranks all the time but this one is officially one of the worst we’ve seen.

fake shrine to Princess Diana
Photo credit: Twitter / @Deno_tron
Photo credit: Twitter / @Deno_tron

That’s because if I went back to someone’s home and saw this it’s an immediate red-flag and ghost.

The Trashmobile

This trash car would literally smell horrible and have all sorts of vermin crawling around in there.

car filled to the ceiling in trash
Photo Credit: thosewhocallme-Tim / Reddit
Photo Credit: thosewhocallme-Tim / Reddit

If this is what this person’s car looks like, I don’t even want to see their house. Or their life, honestly.

Jack, I Will Find You – Liam Neeson Voice

Jack, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. I can tell you I don’t have money to sue you in small claims court.

note saying that they hit your car and is pretending to write down their details

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

The Thief Whose Sticky Fingers Ruined A Garden

Who looks at a garden and thinks that it’s the perfect place to rob?

garden that had all plants stolen
Photo Credit: topredditbot / Reddit
Photo Credit: topredditbot / Reddit

All you’re doing is ruining beauty in the world and there should definitely be some sort of criminal charge bigger than theft just for that.

There Might Be Some Growing Pains

Getting along with siblings is one of the biggest tests of life. However, this little girl really set the standard while welcoming her new little sister.

newborn baby with older sister giving the finger

The first thing she did when welcoming the newborn was shooting her the bird. This is one for the photo albums.

The Bathroom Decoration That We Wish Really Didn’t Exist

Okay, glad they’re showing that they’re flushing the toilet paper, but why did this person create a garland to commemorate the occasion?

the toilet paper decor
Photo Credit: Katnipkrazy / Reddit
Photo Credit: Katnipkrazy / Reddit

This photo is why you don’t use public restrooms in the organic, gluten-free, witchcraft side of town.

That’s Not What They Meant…

The sign is obviously referring to electric or hybrid vehicles and not the color green, this driver used the sign to his advantage.

green vehicle parking with green mustang in spot

This is a classic move by people with nice cars thinking they don’t have to follow the rules.

Number 1,2,3,4,5,6 On The List Of People Who Should Be Banned From Movie Theaters

That kid in the background needs to turn around and walk right back to clean up his garbage.

movie theatre aisle covered in garbage
Photo Credit: City66 / Reddit
Photo Credit: City66 / Reddit

What kind of a terrible parent lets their kids act like this in public? I hope all their popcorn is cursed to mostly kernels from now on.

The Flight That’ll Stink… Literally

Public transportation is already bad enough, you don’t need to be making it worse by taking your socks and shoes off for everyone to see.

feet propped up on woman's head on flight
Photo Credit: ArtemisThunder / Reddit
Photo Credit: ArtemisThunder / Reddit

What’s more uncomfortable, some slightly warm feet or the knowledge that 30+ people hate you?

The Person Who Really Wanted Orthopedic Comfort For Free

They’re laughing at all of us because they’ve probably stolen so much memory foam shoe inserts by now that they’ve got an entire mattress built.

soles of shoes with memory foam ripped out
Photo Credit: flyingdren / Reddit
Photo Credit: flyingdren / Reddit

Is this why those mattresses cost so much? They’ve got to hire people to steal shoes?

Unless It’s Your Birthday Then This Isn’t Cool

Only monsters cut birthday cake slices out of the middle.

birthday cake with slide taken out of middle

This doesn’t even make sense too because you’re getting the least amount of icing possible? And it’s right overtop the words!

Kids Who Are Part Hurricane

This photo is proof that kids will stop at nothing to get what they want, and honestly, it’s terrifying.

tons of garbage all over the aisle
Photo Credit: Z1ndabad / Reddit
Photo Credit: Z1ndabad / Reddit

The kids that absolutely trashed a store like this should be forced to sing the clean-up song for an entire day just to drill the message into their heads.

No Need To Ruin Her Dreams Like This

Ladies, if this if your S.O.’s reaction to you catching the bouquet then they probably aren’t the one.

girl caught bouquet and boyfriend tells her to throw it back

Also, if they weren’t even brought as your date then they’re DEFINITELY not the one.

The Dream Catcher That Probably Only Caught Diseases

The only dreams this person is having are ones about customizing the perfect truck and playing lacrosse until the sun goes down.

dream catcher made of underwear, a bottle, and two tins of chew
Photo Credit: Jenneke42 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Jenneke42 / Reddit

They’re doing it all with their Chads and Brads, unfortunately, even imaginary women are going to stay well away from this energy.

Excuse Me While I Just Stand On You While You Chill In This Tiny Elevator

These kids watched those movies where the cool people hung out in the hall, so they thought they’d take their innovation to new heights.

chilling in the elevator
Photo Credit: todd282 / Reddit
Photo Credit: todd282 / Reddit

Yeah, this is innovative alright. It’s also a good way to piss everyone off in your building and get a backpack whack to the face.

Ah Yes, The Black And White Flat Trombone

This photo just proves why you need to check on people sometimes and ask if they’re okay.

piano trombone
Photo Credit: S0me_B0i / Reddit
Photo Credit: S0me_B0i / Reddit

Sure, it’s infuriating to look at, but do a good deed and place your hand on a friend’s shoulder when they go to play some Beethoven on their trombone.

This Work Space That Will Work On Your Nerves

If this person actually gets any work done here I’d be shocked.

office space that's super cluttered and awful
Photo Credit: KMack_64 / Reddit
Photo Credit: KMack_64 / Reddit

If you ask them to grab anything it’s going to take them about six months to find it in the piles of papers they have all over.

The Free Speaker That Only Costs A Pinky

This person is sick and tired of showing up to their work so they’re going to take matters into their own feet.

free speaker on an ad
Photo Credit: boopityboopbooboo / Reddit
Photo Credit: boopityboopbooboo / Reddit

Even though they’re taking a loss on that speaker, they’re definitely going to make it back when they sue whatever stranger breaks their toe.

You’d Have To Shower After Leaving This Car

Imagine your friend offering to drive and their backseat looks like this.

backseat filled with trash
Photo Credit: caitlinholtz / Reddit
Photo Credit: caitlinholtz / Reddit

This looks like a scene from a crime show where they hold the ultraviolet light over everything and ask what liquids they can find. In this case, it’s all fry grease dating back to 1994.

The Lock That Was Just So Close

The person who latched this bad boy clearly knows that locks and security are really only ideas anyway.

lock on a door
Photo Credit: TheBloodkill / Reddit
Photo Credit: TheBloodkill / Reddit

They know that most security cameras aren’t plugged in so they’re willing to take that thinking and use it for their locking purposes. That, or they have no idea what they’re doing.

The Place Of Business, Maybe

Well, what is it? Is the golf free or am I paying $20 to get tics on my ankles in that long grass?

free gold crossed out and replaced with $20
Photo Credit: ArtemisThunder / Reddit
Photo Credit: ArtemisThunder / Reddit

Also, is this going to be golf or is this just going to be me driving balls into a vacant lot while some stranger sits shirtless on a lawn chair behind me?

Three Years Is Still Within The Return Period Right?

Yeah, for sure dude, just because it doesn’t say explicitly “don’t” return after wearing for three years nonstop to every social event and sports game doesn’t mean you can return it.

hat black sweat stains all over it
Photo Credit: Pozoru / Reddit
Photo Credit: Pozoru / Reddit

It’s vintage now, people will pay good money for your sweat stains.

Honestly, I Don’t Blame Him

Breaking up with someone is never easy. It’s an anxiety-filled situation that is almost impossible to walk away from feeling good.

guy breaking up with girlfriend while eating cheetos

When the stakes are so high, it’s only natural that you’d work up an appetite that can only be calmed with delicious Cheetos.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Getting Married At Walmart”

There is just something about the sunglasses section that screams “let’s get married here!”

couple getting married in a wal mart
Photo Credit: Reddit / GOOPY_CHUTE
Photo Credit: Reddit / GOOPY_CHUTE

I bet they got a deal on the venue and were able to buy the reception food in bulk.

Now That’s Just Rude

If you’re going to be a jerk and stand someone up like that, the least you could do is not brag about it on social media.

girl ditched a guy and posted about it on social media
Photo Credit: Reddit / SpeedrunologyOnYT
Photo Credit: Reddit / SpeedrunologyOnYT

How self-centered can you be?

What’s She Looking For In There?

Let’s hope that she’s looking for her credit card down there because otherwise there is no reason she should be digging for gold like that in public.

someone digging in their underwear
Photo Credit: Reddit / Iceaxandrope
Photo Credit: Reddit / Iceaxandrope

Hope she found whatever she’s looking for, but I don’t need to see any more.

There Is No Better Babysitter Than The General Public

Now, I’m not a mother, but I can’t imagine leaving my kids outside of a shopping mall so I could go try clothes on in peace.

someone left their babies outside of the shopping mall
Photo Credit: Reddit / LemSip188
Photo Credit: Reddit / LemSip188

Hire a babysitter! Or do something other than hope for the best in people.

Who Cares About The Safety Of Others?

One way to know for sure if someone is a good person or not is where they stand on smoking near a gas station.

someone smoking at a gas station
Photo Credit: Reddit / LifeWithAdd
Photo Credit: Reddit / LifeWithAdd

Someone who thinks it’s fine has little to no regard for life…least of all someone else’s.

How Many Cats Does This Woman Have?

This is truly disgusting. This person moved out of their apartment and hired a cleaning service to take care of the cleaning and they came across this!

someone put litter all in a room to use as a litter box
Photo Credit: Reddit / Omissionsoftheomen
Photo Credit: Reddit / Omissionsoftheomen

An entire room of cat litter. There is carpet under there, believe it or not.

If One Person Did It, Then We All Can

I’m not an expert, but I feel like the lines on the ground should be pretty self-explanatory and this is one of those situations where you should stay within the lines.

people parked the way wrong way outside the lines
Photo Credit: Reddit / IPlayTeemoSupport
Photo Credit: Reddit / IPlayTeemoSupport

The only time this rule doesn’t apply is when it snows, and this place does not look like it just went through a blizzard.

Thanks, I Guess?

I’m a firm believer in tipping, but if you feel your service was bad enough that you don’t want to tip, fine.

someone took away money on a bill for a tip
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

However, you don’t have the right to take money off the bill!

Yes, Ignore Your Problems Until They Go Away

This person dropped an egg on the floor and instead of cleaning it up, they went about finding a container to put over top of it and then leave for someone else.

egg got cracked on the floor and someone just put a container over it
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tatianafetzer
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tatianafetzer

I respect the courtesy, but I also live in a petty house where no one would ever clean it up.

The Universal Hate Of Monopoly

While we all feel like rage-flipping a table after a family game of Monopoly, so few of us actually realize our dreams of flipping the table and storming off to bed.

someone flipped the table after losing at monopoly
Photo Credit: Reddit / paddyhill
Photo Credit: Reddit / paddyhill

This was done by either an 8-year-old or their parent. There is no in between.