These Irritated People Left Hilarious Messages For Their Neighborhood Rivals

Neighborhood rivalry is nothing new, which is why they’ve made so many movies about it. However, no Hollywood flick could compare to the real-life feuds that exist between neighbors. Some neighbor complaints are too good to be believed, like the kid who was caught throwing cheese on their neighbor’s roof, or the person who repeatedly left their trash bag out in the hallway of their apartment building. We took it upon ourselves to find the most hilarious messages left by annoyed neighbors. Read on for a hearty laugh and a newfound appreciation of your neighbors.

Poor Singing Reviews

A sign rates each song that was overheard being belted out the night prior.
Topix Offbeat/Pinterest
Topix Offbeat/Pinterest

This note should be printed in every dictionary as a model example of sarcasm and passive aggression. The all-caps at the top is priceless, as is the singing/screaming comment. You can practically hear the terrible performance in your mind without having been there.

We also appreciate the use of two different colored marked to ensure that the complaints stand out more than the reviews do. Each review, however, is masterful. The partying neighbors probably felt like an American Idol contestant who was just annihilated by Simon Cowell after reading this.