These People Were Arrested In Costumes And The Pictures Are Hilarious

There’s nothing funny about being detained by the police, unless you’re wearing an outrageous costume when it happens. Of all the unusual things that police have to endure each day, dealing with people in outlandish costumes is probably one of the more enjoyable ones. While officers must take their job seriously, it’s hard not to smirk when there’s Winnie the Pooh in the backseat or Santa is being photographed for his mug shot. These costumed delinquents go to show that no one is above the law– not even Mickey Mouse.

Taking Out The Trash

A person dressed in a green trashcan is dragged by police.
College Humor/Twitter
College Humor/Twitter

We’re not really quite sure what’s going on here. You have someone dressed up as a recycling can that says ‘Greenpeace’ being dragged along by police officers. From that much, we can surmise that the person may have been a protestor.

Perhaps they were creating a ruckus by forcibly encouraging people to recycle? However, that still doesn’t explain the toy truck in the person’s hands or why the officers have to practically carry the individual through the rainy street.