Hilarious Pics Showing There Are Two Kinds of People in the World

Most things in life come down to two choices, and this duality is all around us.

It’s easily applicable to people, and in these hilarious examples, you’ll see just how.

Dog Husband Cat Wife

It’s been said that pets tend to look like their owners, and this definitely appears to be true in this photo.

Husband and dog look friendly, and wife and cat look sassy.

Drums or flats?

The neverending chicken wing debate: do you like the crispier flats, or do you prefer eating the drum by turning it around in your hands?

Collage Maker-30-Aug-2022-08.31-AM
Chad Montano/Unsplash; Israel Albornoz/Unsplash
Chad Montano/Unsplash; Israel Albornoz/Unsplash

The answer has divided people, and there is no clear consensus on which one is superior.

A tale of two valentines

Although it’s people’s business what they do for Valentine’s day, these two side-by-side purchases sure raise many questions.

At the same time, flowers and cupcakes are cute, but whiskey and chicken sound like a funner way to spend Valentine’s.

Sometimes less really is more

People’s toiletries can involve complex skin care products, lotions, and hair products, but sometimes less can be more.

Having all those fancy products is nice, but dental care may be a bit more critical.

Fun with mom and dad

In this picture, the mom wants her son to have fun while staying safe in her arms.

Dad had another idea in mind, letting his son slide on his own, and slide down, he did!

Black house, pink house

If you could live in one of these houses, which would you pick? The black gothic house or the pink bubbly one?

These two houses have completely different vibes, but the opposing color schemes oddly complement each other.

Some people want to watch the world burn

There’s no excuse for this. The parking lot is almost empty.

Maybe the driver of the blue car was in a hurry, but it almost seems intentional how perfectly it managed to park just in the middle of both spots.

The edge or the middle?

Usually, people instinctually grab slices of a cake or, in this case, brownies from the edge.

But, as seen here, it took someone thinking outside the box to pick the brownie in the very center.

I mean, that’s how you eat other chocolate bars, right?

Why take your time taking apart each bar in a KitKat when you can just take a bite in one go?

Isn’t that how you eat virtually every other chocolate bar?

Where does ketchup go?

Ketchup and fries are a no-brainer, but the debate around dipping your fries or drizzling them over is complex.

One looks more orderly, and the other a mess, but fries are delicious either way. At least you’re not eating them with a fork, right?

She looks so much more comfortable

As a freshman, you want to impress other kids and make friends.

But as the senior girl knows, there’s no point in doing all that, and it’s better to be comfortable.

Two ways to roll

The position of the toilet paper roll is known to cause some serious debates in households across the nation.

After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down and noticing the roll is backward (whichever way that means to you).

These alarms are very specific

When setting your alarm, you know you must rely on the future, barely awake version of yourself to make the right decision and wake up on time.

Are you the person on the left or the one on the right?

At least she finished the race

Running a marathon is no easy feat. It requires a lot of training and perseverance.

So it’s not surprising when some people finish the race a little more emotional than others, as these sisters demonstrate.

Two ways to approach kindergarten

The first day of school can be an exciting change for some kids or a panic-inducing nightmare; for these two kids, that is the exact scenario that’s playing out.

Hopefully, by the time they both get to school, they’ll make new friends and look forward to going to school every day.

Two kinds of coworkers

Some people can work in chaos, and others need orderliness to focus. Which desk would yours be?

Can an overfilled garbage bin make you work harder? The worker on the right might want to consider asking for another desk.

Two kinds of Halloween girls

Halloween is a fun celebration where even adults can dress up as almost whatever they like.

As we can see here, you’re either the giant blueberry girl from Willy Wonka on the left or one of the hot army girls on the right. You decide!

To pray or to read the safety pamphlet?

For some people, flying can be a terrifying experience.

That being said, there are definitely two types of people in the world of “I would rather be anywhere but in this plane right now.” There is the person who is praying and the one who will read and memorize the safety pamphlet.

These sisters couldn’t be more different

Growing up in the same household can result in very different people, and this is no more true than for these two sisters.

Growing into two very different aesthetics, these two sisters look like complete opposites, but the sisterly love is evident.

Cold and unfriendly or warm and inviting?

When it comes to these welcome mats, there are certainly two kinds of people in the world.

While the door on the left may seem rude and uninviting to potential guests, their honesty is refreshing.

Two ways to squeeze toothpaste

Sometimes you’re just in a hurry to brush your teeth, get on with your day, or go to sleep.

But here are two very different approaches to getting toothpaste; one is much more chaotic than the other.

How full is your inbox?

The person on the left is either very popular or too busy.

Unsplash/ Brian Tromp, Unsplash/Brett Jordan
Unsplash/ Brian Tromp, Unsplash/Brett Jordan

It’s either that or they’re a member of one too many mailing lists. Or maybe the right person is better at filtering stuff out.

Two ways to approach coffee

Before your first-morning coffee, chances are you’re feeling like the coffee mug on the left or the smiling Starbucks logo on the left.

The left is an exciting take on a well-known logo.

Two kinds of roommates

One of the joys of college (a claim to be contested) is sharing a room with a stranger, which also means sharing their sense of cleanliness.

Hopefully, the semester will go by quickly.

How to slice an avocado

Is there a right way to slice an avocado? Does this image make you uncomfortable?

For some people, it’s all about cutting the avocado down the center. For others, they slice it like an apple. Thankfully, they’ll get eaten either way!

Two ways to approach airplane safety

The anxiety of flying affects people differently; everyone has their way of dealing with it, as seen in this photo.

Whether relying on hopes and prayers or memorizing evacuation procedures, as long as you get through the flight safely, that’s all that matters.

Where would we be without our coworkers?

It’s good to have encouraging coworkers; here, we see two different kinds of support.

From encouraging words to funny gags, it’s good to know you’ve got a sound support system behind you.

To lick the foil or not to lick

What’s your instinct when opening up a new cup of yogurt?

After all, the little bit of yogurt left on the lid is extra yogurt, so it almost seems like a waste to leave it on the foil.

Who needs the wrapper anyways?

It probably doesn’t matter what you do with the Starburst wrapper after eating the candy, but ripping it up seems a little violent.

But at least both these options are better than outright eating it.

Two ways to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a holiday filled with joy and excitement, as seen in the face of the woman in this photo.

On the other side of the coin, it could b one of misery and general irritability, as the man perfectly expresses.