The Most Hilarious Ways People Are Trying To Socially Distance Themselves

Social distancing is hard. People have to remain six feet apart, refrain from touching their faces, and, most recently, wear face masks. But what if you don’t have a face mask? And what if other people won’t stay six feet away from you?

With more time on their hands, internet users have gotten creative. They discovered how to shop, date, and perform a baptism while social distancing. And their efforts are hilarious. Ready to laugh at these social distancing attempts?

Install An Antivirus

A man uses a Norton Antivirus computer disc as a face mask.

COVID-19 is a virus. To cure it, we need an antivirus, right? That was this man’s reasoning when he attached a Norton AntiVirus disc to his face. Finally, someone learned how to make an antiviral face mask. Norton 2003 had the key this whole time.

Jokes aside, if a computer antivirus could stop social distancing early, programmers would be all over it. Until society returns to normal, we’ll enjoy some quarantine puns. Someone hack into COVID-19 already!