People Spotted These Unusually Funny Lost And Found Signs

Losing something near and dear to you is never fun. It’s even worse when you lose a pet. That’s when you have to create a “Lost Dog” or “Have You Seen Me” sign to tape onto lamp posts throughout the neighborhood. We’ve all seen them, but sometimes people are happy to lose certain things. If you’re wondering how a person becomes filled with joy, pay attention to the signs you see. Some are funnier than they should be and we’re about to show you how.

Looking For The Bird

crazy guy misses bird sign
Katie Wise/Pinterest
Katie Wise/Pinterest

It really is disappointing when you meet someone new and have a great time, only to find out they’re only in town visiting. This person could’ve been your new good friend, but they’ll be gone soon. That’s what happened here.

Somebody fell for a pigeon, but the bird didn’t feel the same. All it took was five minutes for the pigeon to make a great first impression, so that must’ve been one of the best birds to ever live.