These Plumbing Fails Will Help You Feel Better About Your Own Bathroom

Sure, hiring plumbers can get expensive. But plumbers are called “professionals” for a good reason. When people try to fix plumbing solutions themselves, they can create an unsightly, impractical, and hilarious result. And then they end up on an internet list about plumbing fails.

Nowadays, people seem to DIY everything from broken showerheads to sink handles to hand sanitizer dispensers. After you see these plumbing fails, you’ll feel a lot better about your own home and bathroom.


A sink faucet launches water into a shower.

Don’t ask us how this happened, because we have no idea. For some reason, a plumber placed the faucet in the upper left corner of the sink. And the water somehow has enough power to launch into the shower.

At least the water doesn’t splash onto the floor, but the shower drain doesn’t make this situation better. Did nobody regulate the water pressure? Who designed this bathroom? And how will anyone be able to wash their hands?