These Plumbing Fails Will Help You Feel Better About Your Own Bathroom

Sure, hiring plumbers can get expensive. But plumbers are called “professionals” for a good reason. When people try to fix plumbing solutions themselves, they can create an unsightly, impractical, and hilarious result. And then they end up on an internet list about plumbing fails.

Nowadays, people seem to DIY everything from broken showerheads to sink handles to hand sanitizer dispensers. After you see these plumbing fails, you’ll feel a lot better about your own home and bathroom.


A sink faucet launches water into a shower.

Don’t ask us how this happened, because we have no idea. For some reason, a plumber placed the faucet in the upper left corner of the sink. And the water somehow has enough power to launch into the shower.

At least the water doesn’t splash onto the floor, but the shower drain doesn’t make this situation better. Did nobody regulate the water pressure? Who designed this bathroom? And how will anyone be able to wash their hands?

Definitely DIY

A broken faucet is fixed with a can duct-taped to a shower head.

When the plumber can’t come for another couple of weeks, people need to improve. And while this DIY may seem ugly, it’s pretty creative. It’s a soda can duct-taped to a showerhead and head up with a rubber band.

Guests may raise an eyebrow if they see a shower head like this one. But it technically works as long as it doesn’t fall apart. Still, they’ll need a professional faucet replacement if they want a good shower.

A Recipe For Disaster

A bathtub faucet is right next to an electrical outlet.

Who decided to place an electrical outlet inside of a bathtub? That seems like a massive oversight. To whoever owns this home: congratulations, you can never use your bath or shower again.

On top of that, look at the floor. It seems like a shower tile, not a bathtub. So why is a bathtub faucet inside of a shower? This entire photo is a disaster. It seems to defy reality with its terrible logic and design.

How To Get Hot Water

A candle is hooked up to a faucet to

Fun fact: the ancients used to heat their water by placing a candle to the pipes. We’re joking; that’s not true. But this DIY plumber seems to think that it is. To clarify, a candle isn’t hot enough to warm the water through a thick pipe.

While the engineering holding up the candle is clever, the entire design is not. If you need an example of a useless life hack, open this photo. Just get a new water heater!

Well, It Technically Works

The handle of a faucet is replaced with a key.

If you have a key and a broken faucet, the answer seems obvious. At least, it did for this DIY plumber. Sure, a key may not be the most comfortable handle, but it technically works as a last-minute resort.

This plumber receives points for their creativity, even if the key handle is a recipe for rust. On the flip-side, it could be a design choice. The homeowners are aiming for the “I ran out of supplies and had to improvise” aesthetic.

When You Can’t Figure Out The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A person duct-tapes a bottle of hand sanitizer over a hand sanitizer dispenser.
Pinterest/Funny and Stupid
Pinterest/Funny and Stupid

The hand sanitizer dispenser is out, but you can’t figure out how to open it. So what’s the solution? Duct tape a new bottle of hand sanitizer on top, obviously. Technically, it will still dispense hand sanitizer.

The duct tape solution isn’t as sanitary as the dispenser since people will have to touch the bottle to clean their hands. And honestly, it’s not too hard to fill a hand sanitizer if you have the key. Apparently, they didn’t have the key.


Half of a toilet sticks out of the wall.

This has to be a joke. Please tell us that this is a photoshop edit or an unusual art project. Please save us from this toilet misery. No one would be crazy enough to do this, right? Life is suffering.

“Plumbing fail” doesn’t begin to describe the half-toilet sticking out of a wall. Who would waste their time making this toilet? Why would a restroom be that small? Just get a smaller toilet. Save us from this suffering.

Grab Your Toilet Paper In The Tub

The toilet paper hands in the shower, not near the toilet.

Yet another thing that seems like common sense: the toilet paper should be within reach of the toilet. But instead of taking the obvious route, this restroom designer put the toilet paper in the soap dish of the shower.

What’s better than wet toilet paper? And who needs a loofah when you have an entire roll of toilet paper in your shower? If you place the loofah near the toilet, you can have the best of both worlds.

Toilet Or Art Piece?

A toilet is made with a tuba for some reason.
Pinterest/Margaret Douglas
Pinterest/Margaret Douglas

When someone builds a music-themed home, they could feel stumped on how to decorate the restroom. The solution? A tuba toilet, of course. It may not seem functional, but it looks fancy. Imagine the echoes…

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only toilet that is shaped like an instrument. Other photos reveal urinals in the shape of trombones. While it doesn’t look like a comfortable seat, it sure is memorable, for better or for worse.

Don’t Squeeze The Handles

Two clamps replace handles on the sink.
Pinterest/Funny and Stupid
Pinterest/Funny and Stupid

On this episode of “DIY Solutions That Technically Work,” we see two cutters operating as sink handles. Sure, they work as a temporary solution, but they don’t replace real handles. If you squeeze the handles too hard, they’ll pop off.

Although these handles look like a funny “fail,” they are creative. Still, this person needs to fix their sink professionally. They’re at risk of rusting two perfectly good cutters, and their sink just looks unsightly.

The Mysterious Disappearing Pipe

A shower pipe goes through the wall before appearing again.

Someone didn’t measure the height of the ceiling before installing this shower. Imagine feeling excited about a brand new shower, before looking up at the ceiling and thinking, “what happened there?”

On the bright side, the holes that allow the pipes through the ceiling are clean enough not to let any water in. As a downside, the homeowners will have to explain this weird design choice to any guest who takes a shower. It’s definitely not pretty!

Close Enough

A faucet pours water onto the edge of the sink bowl.

Nothing’s worse than a sink that spills water everywhere. But what about a faucet that pours water right onto the rim of the sink? That seems like a minor oversight for a functional bathroom sink.

You’d think that the installer would have tested the distance to ensure that the water lands in the sink bowl. But hey, everyone makes mistakes. In the plumbing world, one mistake could flood your entire restroom. Feel grateful for your functional sinks!

Lovecraftian Plumbing

The white pipes of pool plumbing are tangled in an indistinguishable mass.

“Hey Bob, can you patch the pipe?” “Sure,” Bob says before he comes across this Lovecraftian horror in the back of the house. If you can’t tell, this is supposed to be pool plumbing, but it looks more like a bird’s nest.

No one knows what possessed these plumbers to add pipe after pipe after pipe until the back of the house became an odd-looking Jenga set. Although you could replace these with fewer pipes, would you really want to untangle them?

It Took A Couple Of Tries

Six holes are punched into a wooden board, and a pipe goes through one of them.

For this plumber, sixth time’s the charm. He punched several holes before he could finally stick a pipe through. Take this as a lesson to never guess where you should carve a hole, or else you’ll end up on an internet list about plumbing fails.

Apparently, the plumber didn’t measure the distance to where the pipe would land. It works, to be fair, but it doesn’t look pretty. The mistakes will remain in that board for all eternity.

The Sink Doesn’t Fit

A sink falls through a hole in the counter that's too wide.

It seems like common sense: the hole in the counter should nearly fit the sink. But these plumbers failed to do even that. When the homeowners expect to see their sink successfully installed, they see this.

It’s possible that the hole was the right size, and the installer dropped the sink through it. But if that’s the case, why would he leave it there? Did he give up? There are so many unanswered questions and one broken sink.

Are The Curves Really Necessary?

An exhaust pipe curves outward before sloping down a wall.
Pinterest/Construction Pro Tips
Pinterest/Construction Pro Tips

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a professional, look at this image. These exhaust pipes curve like a rollercoaster just to slope down a wall. It takes up space, and anyone can tell that an amateur built it.

Although these pipes aren’t dangerous, they’re certainly unsightly. When in doubt, consult a professional. They could have pulled off with piping with a 90-degree angle, no piping or vinyl needed.

A Quick Shower Fix

A redditor replaced a broken curtain rod with a stick.

According to the user who posted this photo, their curtain rod broke, and they got a new one from the backyard. Is this a shower fail, or the new style at Restoration Hardware? In terms of fails, it’s actually very clever.

The wooden curtain rod may not be practical, and they will need to get a replacement eventually. Fortunately, you don’t need a plumber to replace a curtain rod, because the plumber would be puzzled to see this DIY.

Faucet Swap

A shower head is replaced with a sink faucet.

This plumbing fail comes with a story. According to the original poster, their shower head broke, so they asked their brother to fix it. The brother was a plumber who is perfectly capable of replacing a showerhead. But when the poster came home, they saw this.

Is this the best practical joke? Possibly. One could call this an abuse of plumber power. Perhaps, if he flipped the faucet upside-down, it would spray upwards and then fall down like a shower.

Wh… Where’s The Sink?

A sink faucet is installed with no bowl on the counter.
YouTube/Nate TV
YouTube/Nate TV

Hmm. This is a dilemma. You can install as many faucets as you want, but if there’s no drain, then no one will turn them on. And worse, this looks like a public restroom. All the water would cover the counter and litter the floor.

Is it too much to ask for an actual sink? Did the plumber who installed this faucet stop and think, “huh, maybe I should include a drain before applying running water”? No? Alright.

You Will Never Escape

A door is trapped behind a horizontal pole in an airport restroom.

According to Reddit, one of Atlanta’s airports doesn’t want some people to escape the restroom. These facilities have a trapped door behind a stander security pole. What lies behind this mysterious bathroom door is a mystery.

If you wanted to, you could uninstall the stander security pole to open the door. But why did a plumber install the pole in the first place? And who places an exit right next to a toilet? This airport has made some odd choices.

Rubber bands fix everything

A sink tap is covered with rubber bands.

A plumber arrived to fix a sink valve, and they saw this. The resident decided to wrap the entire tap with several rubber bands. If it works, it works. But this is why everyone should call a professional for plumbing struggles.

Is a sink tap worth tying around dozens of brightly-colored rubber bands? For some people, it’s easier to call a plumber. But this is far from the strangest DIY plumbing fix the internet has seen.

They Improvised

A tap is shoved into a pipe where a bolt would be.

This is one of those plumbing fails that makes people think, “technically, it works.” If you can’t tell, the drain on the pipe got removed. Instead of replacing the drain or rearranging the pipes, the plumber shoved a tap into the pipe.

Technically, the sink will still function that way. But it isn’t the most professional move on the planet. If this person hires a different plumber next time, they’ll have a taxing project ahead of them.

Repurposing A Pipe

A shower is connected with a rusty outdoor pipe.

If the pipe functions like it’s supposed to, who cares how it looks? This plumber replaced the sleek silver facet with a worn down, clunky, galvanized pipe. Meanwhile, the showerhead is a sleek modern white. The result is the Frankenstein of showers.

Since the makeshift pipes are too big, they’ll have to be replaced eventually. As with many other plumbing fails, this is an improvised DIY solution. But the homeowners still get their shower, fortunately.

Want To Shower With Some Pipes?

A man takes a photo of a shower with several visible pipes.
Pinterest/Construction Pro Tips
Pinterest/Construction Pro Tips

Why are there so many pipes in this shower? For the aesthetic? It looks more like a prison than a hip modern bathroom. The second the water gets hot, those pipes will heat up, so you won’t want to touch them when you’re in the shower.

It’s possible that these are grab bars, which helps people move and stand up in the shower. But most showers don’t need this many grab bars. For a home inspector, this would be a nightmare.

Duct Tape Can’t Solve Everything

Duct tape covers leaks and disrepair in the pipes.

Duct tape seems to solve everything, or so many DIYers think. While duct tape can cover leaky pipes for a time, they won’t last forever. Covering entire pipes with duct tape, like this photo shows, is a risky move.

Hopefully, the duct tape is meant to be a temporary fix. At some point, you need to call a professional or replace your pipes. Despite what these pictures suggest, you can’t reconstruct your entire plumbing out of duct tape!

Curly Straw Piping

The piping curves unnaturally to connect the handle and the urinal.

Have you ever seen this before? Probably not, because many plumbers know how to do this professionally. To be fair, this wouldn’t be an easy fix. You would have to remove some tiles and relocate the pipes, but it would be worth it.

This curly straw-shaped pipe is clearly a quick fix for a more significant problem. Technically, it works, but it’s an ugly DIY. At the very least, they could have cleaned up the flex before finishing the job.

The Worst Way To Cover A Toilet Tank

The top of a toilet is taped up with duct tape.

Imagine that the tank of your toilet either broke or got lost. Do you cover it with a trash bag until it gets fixed? Nope. Wrap it with duct tape as this DIY master did. While you’re at it, cover the cracks and breaks in the wall, too.

If the tank is falling off the wall, the tape may help, but not for long. Like many plumbing fails, this is a temporary fix. But that makes it no less funny.

A Sink Compromise

A faucet pours into a measuring cup which pours into a drain.

This is a DIY to improve an even worse plumbing situation. The faucet is too far back from the sink, and the water lands on the edge of the bowl rather than the drain. To correct it, someone placed a measuring cup in between the faucet and the sink.

Whoever installed the sink is at fault here, while the DIY person simply fixed the problem. Who constructs a sink that far away from the sink? Plus, this sink needs cleaning!

Pipe Play-Doh

A type of putty conceals leaks in pipes.

Pop quiz: is this epoxy, plumber’s putty, or Play-Doh? The answer is that it doesn’t matter because these people need to get their pipes fixed. Half of these pipes are practically constructed out of putty.

Although the owners did a good job sealing the pipes, this is a disaster waiting to happen. At some point, you have to just fix the leaks before the water floods out of most of your pipes. That’s what plumbers are for!

Who Wants To Untangle These Pipes?

White pipes are tangled in a mess against a wall.

While installing a couple of pipes for a machine is understandable, installing a dozen is overkill. More pipes equal more space that could potentially leak or burst. Who would want to weed through all these pipes to find one leak?

If you wanted to reinstall new pipes that don’t look like a spiderweb, you’d have to take apart every single pipe in this pile. Pray for the people who are cursed with this tangled mass of pipes.

A Bridge To Nowhere


A car lover’s dream is to be rich enough to own a two-story garage, but it looks like these people got a little ahead of themselves. Just looking at the shot of the road… there’s almost no way this would have ever worked. Where would it have connected? Was the plan to make a spiral staircase-like driveway? This was just doomed from the start.

On the plus side, this kind of looks like it would be a great way to protect your family from a zombie apocalypse, which is always a worry for any forward-thinking millennial. Oh, we know! This garage actually holds a tiny plane, and this homeowner is just very anti-social.

See You Ladder


There are a few rules when it comes to climbing a ladder. Make sure you have a spotter, watch out for slippery surfaces, and when you’re screwing in a long metal pipe, make sure you don’t start in the middle of the ladder. There’s nowhere to go but down after a mistake like this.

We get how easy it is to make this kind of mistake, but how didn’t anyone stop him? If they abided by the few rules listed above, there should have been a spotter present, and this looks like an easy problem to spot. Our guess is he was hoping to see his co-worker fired.

The Roof Is On Fire!


The roof is clearly not on fire, but we’re pretty sure the renovations are gonna be lit if this sign is to be trusted. When you’re about to undergo a bunch of repairs to your roof, the only logical thing to do is flaunt what you got and make sure everyone knows that you’ve got some serious self-improvements coming your way.

In all honesty, we don’t get why people don’t go to movies anymore. Although getting the surround sound experience is a huge win, then we think about leaving our houses and spending $12 on a small soda and it all makes sense again.

Some Training Required


I know you came here for some good train wordplay, so hopefully, you aren’t disappointed. The workers on this job were right on track (get it?!?) when they decided to fix up this station, but someone probably deserves a swift kick in the caboose (we did it again). Who conducted this madness? Whoever made this mistake is definitely going to hear from the engineer about this. Hopefully, this mistake didn’t derail someone’s day (ok, we’ll stop).

We had a few more train puns but decided to cross them off our list. We figured it would be easier just to trail off instead of minding the gap.

The First Time You Play SimCity


This game is shockingly addicting. For all you wannabe architects out there (or city planners for the truly ambitious) it’s a great way to get your hands dirty and get a taste of what goes into building a city.

You learn a lot of life lessons like “don’t put a nuclear power plant next to a daycare” and “make sure everyone has running water,” but what every builder quickly learns is that your first try definitely won’t go as planned. You’ll want to make some changes, and throwing a building in the middle of the road will suddenly be the best idea to make your city hum.

In Case Santa Needs To Take A Peak


We know he sees you when you’re sleeping, but Santa needs to chill. He’s only in our chimneys once a year so he should know where he’s going by now.

We know that the whole ‘fake window’ thing can really make a house pop, but if you’re trying to improve your house decor, know when to fake it before you make it. This homeowner went for the real thing, and now everyone can see that their upstairs bedroom is nothing but a lie. At least put some curtains up or something!

Water Conservation


It’s all pipes! Plumbing is easily the most confusing of the contracted trades, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you should probably hire a pro. Even the pros can get it wrong though. They don’t understand the appeal of how lovely it is when you can comfortably sit on your throne without a pronounced hunchback and do your business.

They don’t understand that sometimes, it actually makes sense to put the toilet seat up. They don’t seem to understand why the sink should be more than a foot away. All they see is pipes. It’s an epidemic people.

When the Contractor Decides to Skip the Blueprints


There are many times in life when winging it just seems to work out. This wasn’t one of those times. This is exactly what happens when your contractor decides to skip the blueprints entirely and just go for it. The only problem is when it doesn’t work out and you end up with a large concrete pillar blocking a staircase, rendering it useless.

You know what they say — fail to plan, plan to fail. Someone should tell the contractor this.

Measure Twice, Cut Once


Every good worker knows this age-old rule that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s pretty easy to just assume you’ve measured right, only to put up a 2×4 that’s a couple of inches too short (we’ve all been there). After years of measuring, your tape starts to feel like an extension of your body, and you end up using it for almost anything.

Need to change the channel on your TV? How about cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your house? Or maybe, you need to see how far away you are from the drive-thru menu. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll use it literally everywhere you go.

A Point Was Made


If you’re reading this and have no idea what any of it means, it’s time to crack open a book. Or a Kindle. Or just go to Wikipedia. Whatever you need to do to take in this important history lesson. Not only does this shed light on the importance of patience, but it’s also an incredible lesson in finding the right deal. So often, people are worried about getting the job done as quickly as possible, but they don’t realize what can happen when you rush things.

So when you’re hiring a contractor, make sure to keep an eye out for Trojan horses. They can sneak by in those hidden fees and run up the costs in a hurry. You’ve been warned. That’s more than Ceasar got.

A Meeting Of The Minds


“So when I zigged, you should have zagged.” We can only imagine this is what the conversation is going to boil down to, because there’s really not much to talk about at this point. We mean, didn’t you see this coming a few feet before getting to this point?

We’re not saying water-bound construction is easy, but unless the waves shifted things over a bit (maybe? It doesn’t sound too crazy) someone definitely messed up big time. We don’t know how you backtrack from this construction mix-up. We’ll take the long way thanks.

For Making New Friends


For any woman looking at this and thinking this is why there’s never a line for the men’s room, I can assure you that even if we saw this, we wouldn’t use it. It’s already bad enough going shoulder-to-shoulder, but these are the sacrifices we have to make in order to get in, get out, and get back to the bar.

For those of you asking “why not just use the stall?” trust us, you don’t want to use the stall. Pretty much by the time 11:30 hits, it’s overflooded, the door is busted off, and there’s one that’s been locked for a little bit too long for our comfort. Sometimes, it’s just best to hold it in.

I’d Stop For Him


Driving through the construction zone is an obvious pain, but you have no idea what that poor construction worker is going through. We get that it looks easy to just stand there with a stop sign and twirl it all day, but it’s really not all that fun. You have to deal with the drivers who just stare at you as if the roadblock is somehow your fault. That’s why we’re all for adding this guy to do the dirty work.

We’re much more likely to slow down if we see this helpful gentleman giving me a heads up, and as an art savant, we’re impressed by the work put into making him smile.

Sing It Loud


We’ll start off by apologizing for getting that song stuck in your head, but be honest. You don’t mind that much. It’s a good song, even if it doesn’t mean “no worries.” You know a sign is doing its job when the local high school hooligans go to the trouble to print out a Scar picture and post it up for the world to see.

What are we supposed to prepare for anyway? Speedbumps? Water buffalo? Eternal sadness and the realization that your childhood as you know it is changed forever? Sorry, The Lion King already prepared me for at least two of those things.

We Can’t Handle This


You read that right. We went there. Sometimes the simplest home repair can be the most infuriating. Why do people even invest in these types of door handles? A simple spherical knob works just as well unless you suffer from slippery-handedness like some of us.

The thing with these knobs is that they’re pretty easy to get by. They’re not the most burglar-proof, and even worse, they get caught on your clothing all the time. They can go through your belt loop, and pretty much trap you. If you’re looking to install these handles, just don’t. They’re nothing but trouble.

We Wonder Where This Leads?

This person should probably find a new parking spot. If we pulled in and looked up and saw a phantom door just hovering above our car, we wouldn’t trust that nothing could possibly go wrong. Parking doesn’t even seem to be that bad there! This is probably a better place to park a dumpster than the boss’s son’s first car. What’s on the other side though?

We have a feeling this is the “emergency” exit that only the select few know about, used religiously for long weekends or spontaneous group meetings. That’s probably why they removed the staircase. Still, when there’s nowhere else to turn, at least the fall doesn’t look all that far

Showering At A Friends’ House Like…


One of the most important things we learned after moving out of our parents’ house was the importance of a good shower. Some showers are too hot, others too cold. Maybe you don’t have enough water pressure. Maybe you’ve been knocked out of the bathtub by something that feels like a fire hose.

It’s the Goldilocks syndrome. Good luck finding something perfect. Really, it’s all about compromise. You have to go after what works for you, and know when to settle. Now, if we had to deal with this every day, we’d probably just end up moving. Aint nobody got time for that.

Best Seats In The House


Tickets can be insanely expensive. This is why so many of us have given up on going to a game altogether and just invested in a sweet home entertainment center. We get to enjoy the game in the comfort of my own home, we don’t have to deal with rowdy fans who are getting a little too into the game, and food doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

It’s overall a much better atmosphere, but every now and then we’ll try and catch a game. The biggest problem is you don’t always know what you’re getting, and if these are your seats, you might as well just turn back and head home. You’ve already invested enough time and money, don’t let them suck out a $12 pizza slice from you too!

Class Is Out


You know that feeling when your teacher finally lets you leave before a holiday? The bell rings, everyone storms out, and the world is your oyster? Well, clearly this guy got a little carried away. This must be why they always told us to not run in the hallways. It looks like he’s in midstep still, and not ready to let anything hold him back from finally getting out of class.

It takes a lot of force to burst your way through a ceiling (don’t ask how we know that), which this guy would have learned if he were paying attention in physics class rather than daydreaming about asking Cindy out to the dance. Lesson learned folks.

No Parking


This is petty, but we approve. Far too often, construction workers take it upon themselves to go wherever they please and cause whatever destruction necessary to complete their job. When you drive around heavy machinery, you start to get a taste of what true power feels like.

Have you ever tried to argue with a backhoe? What about an auger? They have no time for the simple squabbles of everyday life. They have a job to do. So props to this homeowner for going out and proving a point. Hopefully, their property doesn’t pay for their little prank. We wonder how much this would go for on eBay anyway?

It’s A Tough Job


Honestly, it is. There’s a reason you hired them in the first place, and it’s because you probably had no idea what you were doing, how to go about it, what supplies to get, or what kind of manpower it took to get the job done. So don’t judge. We could all use a nap, and when you have fresh, newly installed carpet to lay down on, sometimes it takes control of you.

Five minutes turns into five hours. Lunch becomes dinner. “Feel free to stay for dinner” becomes “get out of my house!” It’s just a simple fact of life. While there’s no rest for the weary, sometimes you just need a couple minutes of shut-eye.

I Can Clean This Up


Mistakes happen. Sometimes you send an email to the wrong coworker. Maybe you spilled coffee all over your bosses desk. These things happen. Mistakes help you grow, both in your professional life and as a person. As easy as it can be to move on and learn from your mistakes, there’s not much to learn from this.

Basic science should have alerted this worker that the higher up he goes, the more likely that vehicle is tipping over. I don’t know how you come back from this, but at least it looks like they avoided most of the neighborhood cars. That in itself is pretty incredible.

Meet Your Supervisor


The first day on the job is never easy. Being thrust into a new world with new coworkers who do things differently than you’re used to can sometimes be overwhelming. There are rules to follow, and sometimes the boss can be a little overbearing. So having someone there to help keep things calm and collected is pretty important in the high-stakes world of roadside construction.

With people driving by, constantly honking and giving you dirty looks, it must be nice to look over your shoulder at your supervisor just completely goofing off. Just don’t be the one caught messing around, because the probationary period lasts a couple months.

What Traffic?


If traffic never seems to be getting any better near your neighborhood construction site, this is probably why. Despite all the honking and fist-shaking, routine roadwork takes time, and there’s very little anyone can do about it. Even the construction crew needs to let off some stress, and if that means tearing up the road for a quick game of tic-tac-toe, who are we to judge?

From the looks of things, winter is coming, so getting a head start on construction will probably help them out in the long term, but if the ground is already frozen over, what more can you ask?



It takes a strong-will person to enter the construction game. There’s a lot of planning involved, and once you start, you really have to see your project through to the end. If you decided to tear out your shower, you might want to have a good strategy to replace it as quick as possible.

Same goes for toilets. Really plumbing in general. Apparently, they were working on this house for three years, until one day the contractor just had it and let their feelings be known to the world. This is why it’s important to work in groups. When things start to get tough, you need someone to lean on and pick up the slack.

Thanks For The Warning


These signs seem to get hacked way more often than I would have thought imaginable. Are these things not password protected, or all they are just password? Clearly, someone found a way into the system and made sure the next driver that came by had something to worry about.

So maybe dinosaur was going a bit too far, but I’m sure that’s what someone said in Jurassic Park before a T-Rex started rumbling down the side of the road. Even if you think that someone’s pulling a prank, it never hurts to be a little extra cautious. It can make a difference.

Hire This Guy


Now that’s a catchphrase! I don’t always take advice from the back of a trailer, but I have to say, I’m intrigued. Most construction work starts with an over-eager husband thinking he can save a few bucks, and generally, it ends with that same husband having to bite the bullet and accept his mistakes.

If he doesn’t bite it, there’s a good chance his wife will for everyone’s sake. Just jump forward a few weeks and call this guy from the tart. It might sound like you’re spending a fortune, but it might keep you from causing more harm than necessary.

Professional Crane Gamer


The crane game is an age-old arcade game that has entertained generations of arcade-goers. It takes extreme hand-eye-crane coordination, a good sense of timing, and all the luck in the world. When you grab your first prise, it’s a feeling that you’ll never forget.

Some people get so good that they feel the need to challenge themselves to bigger, fancier cranes with equally bigger, fancier prizes. I think it’s safe to say when you can haul in a car, you’ve officially reached the level of professional. It’s a long strange journey to reach this level, but once you make it, you make it.

What A Croc


There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to running in with wildlife, both in the construction world and really, the world in general. Do you run? Do you make loud noises to scare them off? I’m pretty sure we’ve all accepted that if you cross a croc, whatever you think makes sense is probably wrong and won’t even matter. It’s the crocs world.

We’re just living in it. At this point, it looks like the workers are all ready to give up on this job, refill the hole, and get back to their regular lives. No Starbucks (which is what I assume they’re building because every corner needs a Starbucks) is worth this amount of trouble.

When There’s A Will


This is what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. Everything was going well until these construction workers realized they couldn’t just move the pole out of the way. That probably would have required digging up all the asphalt they just laid down.

Instead, someone had the bright idea to simply build the walkway around the pole, and I’m sure they’re already living large with their new promotion. It might not look as pretty as a fresh path might have, but it gets the job done, and that’s really what construction is all about.