These Ridiculous HOA Rules Will Have Any Homeowner Rolling Their Eyes

Homeowners Associations, also known as HOAs, are organizations that make and enforce rules for a community. Once an HOA is created, anyone who purchases property within their jurisdiction automatically becomes a member and must pay their fees. At best, HOAs keep the neighborhood orderly and upkeep certain common-areas and facilities.

At worst, HOAs confine the freedom of residents to an unnecessary and sometimes ridiculous extent. For example, getting fined for sharing a towel at the pool, having the wrong style of blinds, or backing into a driveway could be infuriating. Read on for more HOA rules that are so nonsensical, you might think twice before moving into the neighborhood.

You’ll Need A Permit For Those Plants

Two potted plants sit on either side of a front door.
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Tim Graham/Getty Images

One Reddit user stated that their HOA tried to have them get architectural approval for two small potted plants they had placed at the front door. The Reddit user knew full well that since the pots weren’t attached to the house and didn’t “drastically” change the landscaping, the plants shouldn’t have to be subject to approval.

Nevertheless, they received fines and were even sent to collections. The poor resident had to go to court over the nonsense, but ultimately won the case. On top of that, the neighbors teamed up and got a few corrupt board members kicked out.