Woman’s Neighbor Writes Angry Letter About Christmas Decorations, So She Adds More

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get along with our neighbors. Living on the same street or next door to someone may lead to disagreements on noise levels, parking, pets, and a multitude of other issues. Yet, it’s best to try to get along. If you own your home, these people are going to be apart of your life for the long haul. A woman in the UK took to her Facebook page to share her feud with one of her neighbors.


You see, this woman (who wants to remain anonymous) has a unique taste in Christmas decorations. It seems some are carried through from Halloween, which can be a bit off-putting for some. One of her neighbors even decided to draft an angry letter and leave it on her porch.

The letter state that the woman’s Christmas decorations were “not appropriate” and “not in keeping with the Christmas spirit.” The neighbor requested that the woman take down her decorations immediately. So what did she do?

The woman was amused but not shamed by her neighbor’s intrusive opinion. Instead, she added more “inappropriate” decorations to her porch. The most popular was Frank, the gargoyle. He was dressed as Santa Claus.


She began adding a new item to her porch every day, including a “Beware of Dog” sign decorated with Christmas lights and photos from Die Hard and Home Alone. Her neighbor came back to say that her actions were “beyond childish” and she should stop celebrating death”. Merry Christmas!