Pug Steals Sub Sandwich, Internet Says It’s OK


Let's be honest, we all get a little desperate when hunger strikes. And sometimes desperation can cause us to do things we usually wouldn't do or might regret later. This pug saw their owner's deliciously crafted sub sandwich and couldn't go back to their bowl of dry food satisfied. This dog saw an opportunity and they took it.

Once their owner saw their lunch was missing, there were multiple members of the family who could be the one to blame. The family dog didn't devour the sandwich at the scene of the crime, though. They took extra measures to go all the way upstairs and find a hiding place to enjoy the six inches of goodness in peace. By the time their owner located the pug, the sandwich was gone.

Thinking the internet would take their side, the dog's owner shared this moment of shame on Reddit. But, as it turns out, the internet is siding with the dog, saying they're still a good boy or girl.