This Lamb Thinks She’s A Dog And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

A lamb in Porangahau, New Zealand is having an identity crisis, and the internet is in love. The fluffy white lamb, which is appropriately named Lambo, has a large dog named Ollie as her best friend. The unusual BFFs spend all their time together, and Lambo apparently thinks she's a dog just like Ollie.

Lambo and Ollie

The animals' owner posted a video of the two playing together, along with this caption. "My dog Ollie and his pet lamb Lambo. They are inseparable. Lambo adores Ollie and doesn't seem to realise she isn't a dog. Now that she is a little older she is big enough for rough and tumble..which she loves and usually initiates."

This is just the latest example of an adorable cross-species friendship to go viral. Other famous furry friends include Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black labrador, who met at a sanctuary called Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina after Bubbles was rescued from ivory poachers in Africa.

Sniffer the fox and Tinni the dog are also best friends whose story made the news worldwide. They live in the forests of Norway and spend much of their time playing together under the trees.

And no list of animal friends would be complete without a mention of Koko the celebrity gorilla and her love for kittens. Koko and her pet cat All-Ball were even featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985!

Let's take a cue from our furry friends' examples and try to get along better with one another.