These Photos Reveal What Redneck Christmas Is All About

The most wonderful time of the year just got a whole lot better. Redneck Christmas adds a southern twist to tired old traditions. Forget the angel tree topper… throw on the skull of your latest hunting catch instead! Don’t have a tree? No problem! Choose from an array of Christmas tree substitutes such as a stack of truck tires, your dirt bike leaned vertically against the wall, or even a toilet plunger! From flamingo reindeer to Santa on a tractor, we’re confident that these redneck Christmas ideas will fill you with holiday cheer.

Mug Shot Christmas Photos

A man and woman make silly faces while posing for a fake mug shot.

One fun addition to any holiday party is a photo booth with props. Instead of the usual reindeer headbands and Santa hats, mix it up with a mug shot photo booth. Nothing screams "redneck Christmas" like pretending you got locked up the night before Christmas.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to pull off. Just turn a wall into a height scale. To add to the authenticity, don’t even measure it! As you can see, this couple is roughly seven feet tall according to their mug shot. Be sure to have sign props, too, so everyone on social media knows where to get in on the fun.