Tired Of Your Neighbors Yet?

Twitter / @aggravatedman
Twitter / @aggravatedman

This year, in 2020, we've all unexpectedly spent more time in our homes. No one planned for this, yet here we are. Some people have large backyards and over one thousand square feet to enjoy-- but not all of us. For many during the global pandemic that's required all of us to isolate more often in our own homes, their 800 square foot space is all they have. Even worse, some have roommates!

This also means tolerating the frequent noise caused by the neighbors. If you didn't get along with them before, chances are, things haven't improved while everyone is hunkered down at home. This comical neighbor feud during COVID-19 was captured by someone from across the street.

The resident of the lower floor used Post-it notes to spell, "They're loud," to which the upstairs neighbor replied, "They're loud". If you look close enough, you see SpongeBob in the lower window, too.